Friday, January 07, 2011

I *love* this...

As the season wound down, I was wondering whether I wanted to keep up my site - or even maintain my loyalty to the Fins.

Then this happened, and my immediate reaction was "ugh"

But then I realized that you can't write stuff this good.  And no matter what they say tomorrow, it is *not* over (was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?)

This will go on into the season.  Especially with a general inability to release players who were already outspoken against Bootin' Bull (Sparano).

Man, this is such good stuff.  "I hope it lasts..." 
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Germans bombed Pearl Harbor

Hahahahaaaa........ GREAT


Talking of quotes, I'm reminded about a statement Denny Green made when he was fired from his Vikings HC job back in the 90s. He stated something like the following: You can't have a love for something, a love for doing something, only when it goes you way. You have to love it through the good times and the bad.

Good words to live by...and keep up the good work.