Monday, January 17, 2011


JT was interviewed after the game yesterday.  It was a different JT than we've ever heard.  He was going on and on about how he made the right move by going to the Jets.  And while he was happy, the team goal was to win it all - and they had that chance.

And then he said he was having fun.  Its fun to play for Rex.  He's enjoying himself.

I don't think he ever said that here (or if he did, it was a long, long time ago).  And certainly you haven't heard that from any Dolphins players in the last ten years or so.  Sheesh, it almost seems like this team is bereft of fun.

And isn't this a game?  A sport?  Isn't it *supposed* to be fun?  Why isn't it?  Coaching?  Ownership?  Approach?  Apathy from the fans?


Now for the change of heart I've had:  I want the Jets to win it all.  I want JT to be happy.  And I want him to come back and retire as a Dolphin, and get his name up on the ring of honor. 

That way, there would be a monument to the futility of the franchise.  A guy in the ring of honor who was very good for this team, but whose chief accomplishment was helping some other team win it all.
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I don't want anyone with the stink of Rex Ryan on him anywhere NEAR the sacred Ring Of Honor.

You want the Jets to win it all? Is that all it takes/ Just to win? That makes it OK to be complete A**hats, to treat women like crap, to Cheat (remember the little tripping incident? )

Its OK to be complete Douchebags as long as you win?

Sorry. I still tell my kids to conduct yourselves with dignity , class and respect. Winning is important but I do not respect that Team 1 iota. I read your posts all the Time. Some I agree with some I don't , But this one kinda makes me ill Dave.


Al -- I've come to a conclusion that in the last, I dunno, 6 or 8 week, I've become a bitter fan. Disenfranchised. Annoyed. Tired of the crap.

The last title was '73, the last SuperBowl appearance '84, and the last championship appearance '92.

Every year, I (along with other fans) say "this year will be different!" and the Bills built a sort of dynasty that didn't win anything. The Patriots built a legit dynasty - even if they were cheating. And the Jets are now on the rise.

I'm not going to sit here and say its going to get better. I'm not. Instead, I'm going to channel it into trying to exorcise the demons from this team.

I tell my kids the same thing, and we try to be respectful. But there's a fine line to having charisma and being a douche. Okay, maybe the Jets have crossed that line. Then again, there are worse things than the (relatively) minor incidents the Jets have been involved in.

I'm not being an apologist. They're wrong.

I heard another fan tell me they'd rather "win with dignity" and I laughed because there is no dignity in what's happened here in the last few years. Saban leaving? Parcells leaving? The owner doing what he did? Where is the dignity in any of that?

I want my team to win, and if it takes some attitude to do it - heck we've already been saddled with crap, so why not?


I hear you. I am as upset as you are. This is the first time in a long while I really think we are in trouble as a Franchise. These people really have No Clue. Mr Ross is the epitimy of Rich blowhard I wanna mingle with the Stars kind of owner. The Man is a Billionare and he doesn't know how to Fire or Hire someone to run a buisness!? What was done to Tony Soprano was dispicable. And us as fans have to pay for it by him getting resigned for another 3 yrs. This is the lowest the Phins have ever sunk. I get it and feel it .

But I still am glad as HELL we do not have a moron like Rex Ryan as a head coach. I think he will be seen as the douchebag he is in the long run after his career is over . The Jets will not get to the Superbowl next week. After a new bargianing agreement is Ironed out the Jets will implode soon after.

I have no answers for the Dolphins. I can't bare to read any NFL news and read this becuase your Posts usually make me feel better. I don't want JT in the Ring of Honor ever. He choose to choose a different kind of ring . He Can't and should not have BOTH. The Rong Of honor is a sacred place that he does not belong anymore.

Not judging your Dolphin Fan stature. But as bad as this year went for us phin fans, every Jet win makes it that much worse. Can't you see that?


I hear you. And thanks for the kind words. Glad granny and I can make this somewhat bearable. LOL

Its a tough call, it really is. Everyone that knows me said "WTF???"

I kept thinking we hit bottom and then we sink lower. I figure we need to hit bottom before it finally gets better. I'm just rolling with that thought.