Sunday, January 09, 2011

Forgot something

Cap'n Izzy (Ross) said he was going out to California anyway for real estate business, and just "stopped by" San Fran to meet with this kid who he's known for a number of years.  Okay, its only 350 or so miles, so its not that big a deal, but it still seems rather silly considering that the Furious Enigma (Ireland) was along for the ride, or met him there or whatever.

Why bring your GM to talk with a guy you don't plan to hire???

And was the Enigma along for the ride to talk about real estate in LA?  Hey, wait a minute.  There could be a rumor I could start here: he was there to talk about the new stadium in LA, because he wants to move the Dolphins there.  How bout that, Cap'n?  No fact checking done at all.

And we hear Disney was involved in the discussion *really*....what's that all about?  The water park?  Something unrelated to the Fins?
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