Monday, January 24, 2011

The draft

There are several mock drafts out there.  Many of the draftnicks have projected first round already.

And just what are they saying?

A couple of the prominent names have Miami selecting RB Mark Ingram from Alabama.  You know, Nickie's school.  That's an okay choice.  The safe one, perhaps, and maybe the Fins get a long term-answer at that position with questions about Ricky and Ronnie's futures.  But IMHO, running backs are a dime a dozen.  MANY prominent backs have been late round selections, and taking one first with so many other needs is a joke.  I sure hope they don't do that.

On the other hand, several touts have the Fins taking a lineman (the other Pouncey twin from Florida).  A freakin' lineman!  Can you imagine the fan response to that?  That would be laughable on a team with so many problems. Especially if there's a top-tier QB on the board.  But yet there are people out there already defending that type of pick as what's needed for the team.  

You have to take a QB.  End of story.  I don't care who he is.  Just go out, develop a conviction on one or two, and get the guy.  Trade up if you have to.  Tell us you're trying to make the team better.  Tell Chad Henne he's not wanted.  Please, move the needle on actually getting a QB for the future and not trying to sell us a bill of goods about some other selection.

4 QBs drafted since Marino retired (Josh Hueppel, John Beck, Chad Henne, Pat White) and only one of those was ever considered a starter.  The rest were all projects at best.  You have to - HAVE TO - draft a QB with conviction.  I don't freakin' care who it is, just tell us you actually care for once, and its not another in the parade of guys next season who will lead us to 7-9.

Oh and BTW, I didn't miss the use of the words "mock" and "dolphins" in the same post.  Yes, these are mock dolphins - pretenders!

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