Sunday, January 02, 2011

A couple of thoughts about the last week

  • The dolphins became irrelevant about the same time that the heat starting winning

  • Chad Henne has not truly *won* a game for miami - you know a game where you put the ball in his hands and he gets you that win. He had two very good games last year, at home against the Patriots and Jets, and you could argue that he led the team in those game. But I wouldn't say that he took over the game with his play the way you see the great QBs do. It was more a team effort in both cases. Meanwhile, he has arguably "lost" a half dozen games - where he made the critical mistake that cost them the game. And with an overall losing record, more interceptions than TDs, that's evidence enough of his poor performance.

  • The comment last week that the "the pick wasn't his fault" is baloney and its irrelvant. If you have to make excuses every week, then the wrong guy is your qb.

  • Channing Crowder said of fans that booed at home
    [They are] fair weather fans. Real fans keep cheering. I saw fans keep cheering…. That’s their decision, but it’s silly. They are fair weather fans. If you cheer when times are going good and boo when times are going bad we don’t really need you as fans any way. They get mad and want to get their point across. But booing a player out there trying his best? I try not to curse, but it is what it is.We got to win more games at home when you’re in front of your fans. We want to win. It’s not like we’re going out there saying let us not win at home. But it is what it is.”

    Uhhh, yeah 1-7 at home will do that to people. I don't boo, but after a couple of those lousy performances, I've encouraged it.

  • Brandon Marshall said last week he's "not sure" if he and Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne can become a great combination in 2011.
    "We had some opportunities this year to get it done and we didn't do that. I guess we have to evaluate what we've done this year and see where we can improve and see if we can become good before we can become great."

    He also declined to say much about Dan Henning "I don't make those decisions" and said of Tony Sparano: "Awesome"...then added "I don't care if there's one guy on me or two guys on me. There's no excuse for that. Just got to take advantage of what I'm blessed with, my body and my ability."

  • The NFL fined the Jets fined $100k for the dumbass play where the guy tripped Nolan Carroll. And by the way, the Jets backed into the playoffs by losing 2 of 3.

  • Jake Long made the probowl and thus gets his big payday. Cam Wake also made it and will be taking Channing Crowder with him to the game as a buddy/promoter/bodyguard.

  • Some guys can coach. I watched Butch Davis at UNC the other night. He was aggressive, never quits, and wins. When they got the one second back on the clock, you knew his team was not going to lose. That's the kind of guy I want coaching my team!

  • Bill Parcells is making $4mil from the fins this year *and* next, and is reportedly consulting with the 49ers in their search for a GM. Doesn't this guy even have a conscience? I know he's not technically breaking any rules, but it sure seems to me that he's violating the spirit of tampering / non-compete. What a wanker. I'm sure he'll find a way to screw them up, too. Its all about ego with him.

  • Its the 10th Anniversary of the Dolphins last playoff win! Lets celebrate. Remember that game? No, probably not. Lamar Smith ran 17 yards in overtime for the winning touchdown against Indianapolis, as a part of a 40-209 day. The Fins have been to the playoffs twice since, losing to baltimore in 2001 and 2008.

  • Sad to see that the FIU Panthers are the best football team in Miami, isn't it? At least they play with some pride. That makes the Dolphins the 3rd best team in the NFL in Florida, and arguably tied for the 8th best football team in the state (behind all the other colleges, and tied with the U). And speaking of that, how bad is Miami sports - other than the Heat? They all suck and lose a lot of games.

  • A Boston Globe story started
    "It’s here at last. After six days of speculation and analysis, the Patriots finally play football today in a game that means . . . absolutely nothing.If you were at Gillette Stadium for Patriots-Rams on Thursday night, Aug. 26, you’ll probably be in Foxborough again today. Just because.

    Bill Belichick is obligated, of course, to talk about how this is a “division game.’’ He can say that with a straight face because Miami is in the AFC East and that makes this a division game.

    But we all know the object of today’s game is “do not get hurt.’’ And that makes for little drama. It’s Aug. 26 all over again.?"

  • John Elway was named executive vice president of the Broncos last week, joining Dan Marino as QBs from the class of '83 to hold that title. I wonder if Elway will break Marino's record and hold the job for 22 days?

  • You could have predicted these two outcomes: (1) Cam Wake was overtaken for the NFL sack lead, so he winds up second on the year to Hali in KC. And that's because he didn't have a sack in the last 3 and a half games. After getting 14 through the first 12.5 games, he came up empty against the Jets, Lions, Bills, and naturally the Patriots. And (2) it figures that Jason Allen - who hasn't been with the team since mid-season - led the team in interceptions. That's pathetic.

  • As I suggested, I watched *none* of the debacle in Foxborough. I only read about it afterward. Y'know, I'm much better off not having watched it.
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