Sunday, January 09, 2011

A couple of followup observations

I watched the video of the roundtable (which was actually rectangular).  I guess they did allow recording devices, after all.

  • It was heavily scripted, with each stooge reading from their notes.  
  • Cap'n Izzy (Ross) made a couple of statements that seemed odd, and were semantics:
    • At no point did anyone on the team contact Cowher or Gruden.  Sources say otherwise, so maybe he had a minion such as Peterson do it, since he's not "on the team."
    • Peterson was not on the flight with him to Cali.  Well, technically, neither was The Furious Engima (Ireland).  Ross left from Teterboro in NJ, and clearly these guys were here.
    • I didn't realize how fast word would travel, and how the media was into it.  You're a business man, and you got a lot of insights from H Wayne and others.  Really?
    • We didn't make an offer to Harbaugh, and I told him to stay at Stanford.  Sources at Stanford tell us that he was telling people he was going, so that's not right.  And maybe he told him to stay there when he realized Harbaugh was waffling
    • We already had a great team here.  Bawahahahaha
  • At least he seemed contrite.  "We goofed" and "I should have handled it differently" were at least the right words
  • The body language said a lot. No one really looked at each other.  There is strife.
  • The Bootin Bull (Sparano) said he was disappointed, but ready to move on.  Sure.  Just like a jilted spouse is ready to move on - as she's destroying his collection of vintage vinyl records
  • Communication, they said, was key for internal affairs.  But they didn't mention external communications, which are still a black hole
  • It seemed like every other thing that's happened.  They quasi own up to something, and are immediately ready to move on.  We need to be more explosive, and get better at QB.  Duh.
  • The questions were controlled by Harvey Greene - only a few and then he cut everyone off.  Yeah, that settles it.  And media, please get off our backs - its my team and you're not helping!!!!
This was just nonsense and kind of like, ummm, putting lipstick on a pig.  Its still a pig, and there is still much myrth to be had.

I don't believe this ends anything, rather there are still issues that need to be worked out.  And I'm going to be laughing at them all the way!

They totally lost my respect with this sham of a coaching search and sham of a news conference.  And respect is something that is EARNED.

My advice to all dolphins fans is to not take them too seriously.  They are still a joke!  

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Wins will fix everything. Lose the first two or three out of five next year (especially in a row) and the Three Stooges as you call them will be in big trouble.