Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Coaching change

Jerry Jones was right: no coach has ever had success when changing teams - no one has ever won a championship in one city, and then gone on to coach a championship team in another.

Some have come close, but no one has ever done it. Not Shula, Parcells, JJ, or anyone else.

So when you feel the desire to bring in a Jon Gruden or a Bill Cowher because "they've had a history of winning" remember that history has a way of repeating itself in the NFL, and they are unlikely to have success here or anywhere.

Plus this: when you hire an uber coach, you cede power to him. He buys the groceries and cooks the meal. He's the GM and coach, and therefore he has control. The current NFL makes that really hard, and there's no one there to help balance the equation. Its all about ego, and its hard to have success that way.
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Dick Vermeil cam close though to winning 2 championships with different teams. Took 2 (Philly and St. Louis) to the Superbowl. 1 loss and 1 win.

Holmgren also did that with 2 different teams. 1 win and 1 Superbowl loss with Green Bay, and then 1 loss with Seattle (robbed in my opinion if you watched the game.)

There have been other very successful coaches that worked for more than 1 team so it is not entirely inconceivable that a "retread" can have some success or even the ultimate success.

I am just saying.... (Still want Harbaugh though)



You're right - several have come close, actually taking a new team to the big dance.

And at this point, I'd take *close* LOL

Just that no one has ever actually won it elsewhere.

Harbaugh would be a sweet pickup.


Oh yeah, posted quickly what came to mind and didn't mean to slight our man Shula with Baltimore and Miami and also Parcells if I am not mistaken - didn't he lose with Patsy's. Dan Reeves never won but took 2 different teams and Denver many times.

Just saying success is not unheard of, but you are right and JJ is right; none have ever won with more than 1 team.

I think someone may be due...

Still hoping for young blood Harbaugh though!