Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CBA: the latest

The NFLPA filed two lawsuits against the NFL in recent weeks:

First is a claim that about the TV contracts - the owners will receive broadcast rights fees, even with no games played in 2011 - basically stating this violates their agreement to share revenue.

And second is a claim of collusion, essentially stating that the owners are conspiring to set contract amounts, and restrict free-agency.

Said the commish: "It's more litigation. I've said before: This is not going to get resolved through litigation.  It will get resolved through negotiation. It's time to get to the table and negotiate."

Both cases will be heard by a special master at a future can't read too much into what's happened here, because neither suit was unexpected, and its all a part of balancing the power between the owners and players.  But what you can infer is that this process will not be easy, and won't go away quietly.

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