Saturday, January 08, 2011

the big show

I obviously didn't attend the press dealy. Only read the tweets from our local media.

But here's what I take away from it:
(1) the media was quick to put out information, and sometimes it hadn't been vetted. But facts are facts and sources are sources - I find those more reliable than an owner who has an agenda
(2) Cap'n Firepants (Ross) was mincing words, and playing semantics games, but probably stopped short of outright lying.
(3) the other two stooges hemmed and hawed there way through "working it out"
(4) they all sang koom-buy-ya (phoentic for emphasis) and will all work together to make this team better.

Then it moved on to how to make the team more explosive!

Yippee. [sarcasm=high] They really sold me that its all worked out [/sarcasm]
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