Friday, December 24, 2010

From the Tuesday Morning QB

More's the pity for Dolphins placekicker Dan Carpenter, who was 0-for-4 on field goal attempts in a three-point loss. The Marine Mammals are tied for second in the NFL for field goals made, with 28, but also first in the league for field goals missed, with 10. Playing in many close games, the Dolphins might be having a different season if not for 10 missed field goal attempts. 

Trailing 17-14, South Florida took possession on its 20 with 41 seconds remaining, no timeouts. First Chad Henne threw super short to a receiver who didn't get out of bounds. Then he threw super short to a receiver who didn't get out of bounds. Then he spiked the ball, and, on the game's final snap, from the Dolphins' 32, the Marine Mammals executed the most pitiful attempt at the hook-and-lateral play in football annals, accomplishing nothing more than batting the ball backward to their own 18. This wasn't exactly Duriel Harris and Tony Nathan executing the hook-and-lateral in the 1981 playoffs. But with just 41 seconds remaining and no timeouts, why were the Dolphins throwing super short to begin with?

Monday, December 20, 2010

And then there were 3...

Brooke was eliminated, and now its a competition between Samantha and Brianne...

Nikki will be back in the picture next week.

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What's up with that?

The Dolphins essentially abandoned the running game - against the defense that was 32nd against the run.  And all because they were behind 10-0???!!!!

Excuse me?

At the end of the day, the team rushed 19 times, while throwing 44.  You have a good running game and a poor excuse for a QB, and you put the weight on him?


No wonder they lost.

The luck factor

Funny that Miami has had some relatively bad luck this season - like
Rothlisberger getting that bogus TD....

And yet the Jets and Patriots continue to have good luck. Both of them
won yesterday on last second misses by the opposition.

When will Miami's luck get better. By my reckoning, its been pretty
bad since around the time Jimmy was here.


How is it that Miami is 1-6 at home?

How is it that they don't seem inspired?

How is it that they have two very good running backs, two very good
receivers, a tight end who is playing very well, and a defense that
ranks #5 - and yet the team gets beat by scores like 17-14?

Its a couple of things. First is obviously the QB play. It stinks.

Second is the offensive philosophy. They have some terrible
playcalling, and some plays that are run far short of "the
sticks"....take for instance a play where it was 3rd and 8, and the
patterns are all 6 yards. What's up with that? While I like the
wildcat, its use is sporadic and does seem to impact the flow of the

Third is a lack of sense of urgency. How can you have so little time
left in the game and be noncalantly walking to the line? We see it
week in and week out, and it really does suck. You want to see them
actually have a fire when they play. They don't.

Fourth is my grandmother factor. This team can't beat my grandmother.
And they should be able to - she's been retired for a number of years

And finally is coaching. Clearly this team has talent. Sparano is a
heck of a guy, and I think he *can* coach. But with the exception of
Mike Nolan, his assistants are all terrible. Dan Henning should hang
it up now. He already cashiered the special teams guy. Where is the
QB coach? Why isn't he coaching up Henne? There is some talent on
the O-line, but the coach can't get the most out of them.

So, in short, I think the solution here is to fire the bulk of the
assistants and give Sparano one more go of it. Assuming of course
he's willing to part with Henne. If not, then Sparano goes, too.

QBs that are better than Chad Henne

As I watched the "action" unfold, I started thinking about all the QBs
in the NFL who are better that Henne; and who I'd rather have playing

The list is long, and I didn't include the obvious choices:

* Ryan Fitzpatrick - shoot, this guy has been good at all of his
stops, and he's got an Ivy League education.

* Matt Flynn - okay he's young an inexperienced, and ultimately he was
a liability in the loss the Pats, but he's got talent.

* Colt McCoy - having a solid season for the Browns

* Sam Bradford - another rookie having a very good year

* Michael Vick - he was available to any team an off-season ago...

* Tim Tebow - a rookie who made his first start and has a huge upside

* Rex Grossman - resurrects his career in Washington

* Drew Stanton in Detroit is good in relief

* Casey Clausen - a rookie having a good year

* Who is Jack Skelton? A player who is having better success than Chad Henne.

Wanker of the week!

Early on the game, I thought Chad Henne might take this award for the
umpteenth time. But his performance clearly wasn't the worst on the

No. That distinction belongs to one Dan Carpenter, who missed on all
4 field goals. Granted two of them were fairly long, but he wasn't
even close. And he can't blame the dirt infield, as Mare used to.
There was a very light wind blowing, so that's no excuse, either.

It used to be - back in the day - that NFL teams considered kickers as
pariahs of sorts. They were just a guy on the roster who filled a
role. They weren't a "football player"....Stories were always around
about these "foreigners" who didn't speak the language telling
reporters that they "keeck a touchdown" or something. And other
players would insult them regularly, like Csonka once telling
Yepremian "if you miss this kick, I'm gonna kill you!"

But that's changed, and now they're mostly treated like anyone else.
And in the Dolphins case, they have come to rely on Carpenter as "an
offensive threat" (he's either at or near the top in total scoring).
And that's probably a bad thing. Because *every* kicker has an off
day, and when you rely on the guy week in and week out, eventually
he'll have that off day.

4 misses. What a wanker.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well whaddya know?

I was almost right: Miami scored 14, only one more than I predicted, and the defense did hold the Bills to under 21 (17).

I guess the Phins are that predictable.

If there's a bright side...

...its that Miami is now eliminated from the playoffs, so there's nothing much to play for, short of pride.

So maybe we'll see the benching of Henne?  Please?

My plan for today...

I had thoughts about going to the game today.  After all, I found tickets on StubHub for as little as $9.  But, I had a commitment I couldn't wriggle out of, and will be otherwise engaged this afternoon.  

And I suppose that's okay because I just get the feeling that Dave Wannstedt would have brought in lobster traps for this game.  This is a trap game.  Its the Bills, who are better than their record says, and who lie in Miami's division.  You never know how division games will go.

While I have no doubts that Miami's defense will hold the Bills to under 21 points, I am not convinced this offense will score more than 13. Heck, I don't think they can.  

I won't root against my team, but this talk of the playoff chase seems a little far-fetched to me.  They have to win all three games, and get some help.  They might catch the Bills and Lions.  But the Patriots?  In New England?