Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our QB sit-chi-ashun

Friend-of-the-blog John wondered why the Fins didn't just go out and get Donovan McNabb now that he's been benched in Washington.  His comment was along the lines of 'at least he'd be a reasonable stopgap while we get a long term answer in here, and we can evaluate him over the next few weeks...'

And I applaud the sentiment, and that is the kind of thinking that Parcells, and now Ireland seem to lack.

The problem, of course, is that McNabb is essentially unavailable because the Redskins simply benched him, and didn't release him.  And the trade deadline is in October, meaning that you can never make a trade with three weeks left to go.

And that is one of those things that really bugs me: trade deadlines are kind of dumb. They served a purpose, once, as it prevented teams from colluding and stocking a playoff-bound team with talent, or dumping salary.  It also was designed to ensure there was a level playing field in terms of talent. But with this all-media world, there can't be "secrets" and putting a some rules around it - say a point system that is based on draft slots or player salary that would ensure that you can't simply dump salary and get value in return - the NFL could allow for trades to happen later.

Anyway, the Dolphins have a conundrum, and are stuck with Henne and Thigpen for the next three games.  Let's hear it "Thig-pen!"

BTW, did anyone notice that John Beck is being promoted to the #2 slot in Washington??

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheerleader voting: Final 4

We're quickly approaching the end of the cheerleader voting, and will have a winner soon. Right now, we're down to the final 4:
Nikki (who hasn't lost a round yet),
and Brianne
(and all 3 have lost once).

The tournament bracket is detailed below....

To continue voting visit: Voting
And to see the standings visit Standing

The Jets sidelines

This afternoon, Dan Lebatard stated that the Jets lead the league in incidents on the sidelines.  He cited examples:
  • This weekend's tripping incident
  • Pete Carroll giving the choke symbol
  • Mark Sanchez eating a hotdog
  • The Favre incident with a sideline reporter
  • The team incident with the Spanish reporter in the locker room
  • Joe Namath telling Susie Kolber he wanted to kiss her
  • Anything that happened in the hbo show
And of course there are more.  That's pretty amusing!

Fwd: Some Nasty BS -- and We Won Anyway

Are you freaking kidding me? 


Sal Alosi, the New York Jets coach who tripped Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll(notes) in the third quarter of the Dolphins' 10-6 win last Sunday, didn't "just happen" to be there.

The Jets have discovered that he strategically ordered players to "form a wall" in that specific place, and have now changed Alosi's suspension from "rest of the season" to "indefinite." Here's the play:

If you'll take his word for it, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said today that neither head coach Rex Ryan or special teams coach Mike Westhoff were involved in the plan.

"As we continued our investigation, we discovered some new information," Tannenbaum said in a conference call from the NFL owners meetings in Dallas, "and the players at the Miami game were instructed by Sal to stand where they were to force the gunner in the game to run around them."

To force the gunner to run around them, or to give them an opportunity to trip the gunner? It seems a little unlikely that the gunner would go all the way around them. Tripping him, as we all saw on Sunday, isn't all that far-fetched. That actually happened.

Tight end Jeff Cumberland(notes), who was inactive Sunday, said it was nothing new for the players to line up next to each other as they did against the Dolphins, according to AP.

"Since the beginning of the year, we've been instructed to line up behind the (white) line," he said, adding that it was only Alosi who has told them to do so."

As far as further punishment goes, Tannenbaum says the Jets are still gathering information and that "all options are on the table." A lot of people felt like Alosi should've been fired for acting so recklessly to begin with. Now that there's evidence pointing to this being a premeditated plan, things seem even worse.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Fwd: SportsNation Would Fire Jets Alosi For Tripping

I received this today. Seems to me that Cowherd is being thickheaded. The jets guy did damage the game and an example needs to be made of him. 

81 percent of SportsNation viewers think that Jets assistant Sal Alosi tripping the Dolphins Nolan Carroll was a fire-able offense.


SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd disagrees, "I think you can suspend him but in this economy I don't think you fire coaches for making one knucklehead decision."


However, co-host Michelle Beadle agrees with viewers, "This could have been a lot worse. This could have resulted in a career ending injury. You don't want the representation of the Jets organization to be this."


Here are the results of today's other polls.


·         69% of SportsNation think the Metrodome collapsing was a bigger snow story than the Patriots dominating the Bears

·         21% of SportsNation is bothered that Tashard Choice asked Michael Vick for his autograph after the game

·         64% of SportsNation would have ignored DeSean Jackson's touchdown celebration if they were the Cowboys

Feel free to reuse this poll, just please source SportsNation viewers. You can also follow us on Twitter: @SportsNation.

Wanker of the week

Any guesses as to the identity of the guy?

I had thoughts about making it someone else, but when I saw he only completed 5 passes, I knew it had to be Chad Henne.  Yeah, it was wet, and he didn't throw a pick.  But FIVE COMPLETIONS!?

That's pretty wankerific, and should be the kind of thing that makes you unemployed.  But it won't.  He'll be starting again next week because its what we got, or some such nonsense.  

Sheesh, and that fact that we're still in the playoff picture is at least part of the motivation.

The guy sucks, and there's no way around that fact.

a little more of JT

He was asked if it was hard to lose to Miami and he responded that a loss is a loss, and that he's never been around a worse loss.

And my first reaction was: really?  In all the years you were here, among all the december swoons, among all the lousy performances - like say the miracle in the meadowlands or a meltdown against the pats, you hadn't been around a worse one?


[edit: mea culpa. I only heard part of the quote. What he actually said was that he never had a loss he liked. So, I took a dig at him for nothing - well not nothing, really, because he did go to the jets!]

Nolan Carroll

Nolan was having a decent day. He had a pick early, and had some decent kick returns.  He was also out there covering on punts.  And unlike Reshad Jones who was flagged for not coming back in bounds on a punt, hdoing alright out there.
Then came your basic WTF? moment, as he was headed down the sidline and some jackass stuck his leg out to trip him.  Who was this guy?  Who knows and who cares?   Its probably Rex's son or some other pompous pinhead who thinks he's better than anyone else...I could see him saying something like "hyuck hyuck, did you see the way I knocked that guy down.  funny, right?"
Carroll got injured. 
Dude deserves banishment from the NFL, and the Jets should also be fined for interfering with play.
But you do have to love the unravelling of the Jets, don't you?

I wonder what JT was thinking...

JT wanted so badly to stick it to his former team. I think he wound up having a sack and a fumble recovery, but it performance left a lot to be desired.

Meanwhile, the guy who replaced him had a monster game, with back-to-back sacks to end the contest. It was very JT like, and as I've said all season "Jason who?"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well that's a pleasant surprise

I sat down to watch the game, and my expectations were set pretty low.  The Dolphins defense started off outstanding, while they're offense was, well, let's just say pathetic and leave it there.  A couple of quick turnovers, and Miami was in position to take a 10-0 lead.  Now there was an actual TD pass to Brandon Marshall which I thought was great, but that was about it.

And with the weather such as it was (rainy), 10 points was a pretty good lead.  I had said establishing and maintaining the run was going to be important, and was pretty sure that ball security was going to be key.  Then, things started to go south on the ball security side for the Phins.  There was turnover after turnover, and it sure looked like Miami was going to finally give away the lead.  But Mark Sanchez looked really bad out there, partly due to Miami's defense, and partly because he is what he is.  And the Jets could only manage 6 points.

So Miami hangs on to win 10-6, in spite of their best efforts to find a new way to lose.  I thought for sure the Jets would manage to win given that this is the Fins, after all.

What surprised me most was just how many dropped picks Miami had.  Sean Smith had at least 4 balls that hit him in the hands.  Davis, Dansby, Sapp, and others all dropped at least one.  Get one of those, and this may have been a very different day.

On the offensive side, the run game was reasonable, and there were holes that opened up.  But once again the playcalling was suspect.  Its 3rd and 3, and Miami goes shotgun and Henne mishandles the ball and ultimately turns it over.  Really, on 3rd and 3?  They did alright with the wildcat and had Ronnie throw a pass, but there was one sequence where they used it on a couple of downs and got called for a hold that negated its effectiveness. 

And Chad Henne was just plain bad.  He again couldn't find his receivers.  He forced throws, didn't look guys off, threw behind, and so on.  He had what should have been an intentional grounding (the ball didn't make it back to the line), and had one he threw when he crossed the line.  Now it was wet, so I'll let some of the transgressions pass (pun intended), but I still saw mechanical things I didn't like.  How about his 4th quarter 3rd and 4 decision where he took off running?  Sure he managed to force the Jets to burn a timeout, but it looked awkward, and he 'telegraphed' his decision to run by tucking the ball away and just taking off.  He never pumped, never made an effort to draw away the defenders.  So he was stopped for maybe a 1-yard gain.

But be that as it may.

The Dolphins beat the Jets.  That's always a good thing, especially against the self-proclaimed "superbowl champs"...I love seeing them look silly.

Cheerleader voting

There was, in fact, a problem with the Lilly-Brianne vote. Sorry about that! And thanks to Robin for pointing it out.

So....I am going to leave the vote on them open for a while longer. I went ahead and declared a winner in the Jessica-Brooke competition.

So, this week, we'll leave Lilly-Brianne open and add the Samantha-Nikki winner's bracket for your consideration.

To vote visit:

What will Dave do today?

Living by my own rules, I will not watch today's game live.  Today, I am taking a soccer referee course.  I've been coaching youth soccer for years, and I've grown to love the game to a degree (it is called football in most of the world, after all!).  Now, I'd like to know more.

And frankly, that sounds like more fun than watching the Fins play live!

Rumor has it

That Stephen Ross is currently showing "interest" in coach Jim Harbaugh who is currently coaching Stanford.  However, sources say that Ross is generally happy with Sparano and will stick with him *if* he finishes the season strong.  We don't know what that means, exactly, but these next 4 games should be interesting.

Today's game

Its supposed to be cold and rainy.  Which means that mistakes are more likely to happen. And basically, the team that establishes the run, and sticks with it, will win this game.  In that case, I'd say the Dolphins stand maybe a 50-50 shot of winning. 

If we take just one of the last 4 games, this is the one I want.  Beat those stinking, rotten Jets in their palatial stadium.

But I won't be surprised if the Jets somehow pull out a win...we'll see...

Peeps in Florida ask - what's that cold white stuff outside?

There was soooo much snow in Minneapolis that the Vikings-Giants game was postponed.  The general concern was that the snow might cause the roof to collapse on the stadium.  So, they'll spend the day clearing and the teams will play tomorrow.

I'm sure there's some cosmic significance to the fact that the Dolphins early arrival and use of the Giants facility caused the Giants to have to stay late in Minnesota.