Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lombardi: the play

I find the Stephen Ross' decision to take his charges to see Lombardi unusual and somewhat funny

First off, its amusing that he would take a bunch of football players to see a Broadway play, no matter if it is about football.

Next, do you have any idea how much planning is involved here?  He would literally have had to start planning for this back as the season started: you can't simply take up 1/3 to 1/2 of the seats in a theater for your team arbitrarily.  You have to make the arrangements well in advance (ever try going to see a show on Broadway?  You *have* to plan!).

And of course, I am thoroughly amused that he "meddled" and instructed the team to change their travel schedule.  He has them coming on Friday and working out at the Giants facility then going to the play.

I can only imagine that Parcells considered this type of meddling when he left the job. And you have to figure that Vince is rolling over in his grave.  A play?  About me?  And a team is going to see it?

Now will it have an effect - positive or negative?  Probably not, its just another blip.

more cheerleader voting

Yes, we still have a couple of rounds left - take a peek:

Cheerleader pics!

I have added additional pics to the 2010 section of my photo site:

And, thanks to the Dolphins Ranter, we also have new pictures in the 2009 section:


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A couple of notes

  • Dave Wannstedt was forced out/stepped down as the coach at Pitt after what were termed "mediocre seasons"....hey, isn't that what he had here?  And when did college football become all about winning anyway?  Dave's a good person, and kids want to play for him.  The program was fine, and you didn't hear about troubles.  So out he goes to get a coach that can win.  I hear Nick Saban may be looking for a job again (he's been in this one a couple of years, and what have you done for them lately?)
  • Al Harris was placed on IR.  He was here for three games, made like $875k and I think just had a couple of tackles.  Uhhh, Jeff I'm available to play in 1 game for 1/3 of that amount if you need me!
  • Brian Hartline left the game on Sunday in a not particularly suspicious way (as I had assumed).  He has a finger injury that may sideline him for the season
  • Vernon Carey's knee may force him to miss some playing time; we'll see.
  • BTW, one-time Dolphin WR Patrick Turner proved he still loves the phins.  He is playing with the Jets and in practice last week, he got tangled with db Jim Leonard and Leonard suffered a freak injury that caused their defensive catalyst to be lost for the season.
  • My comment about Chad Henne was met with some cheers and some boos.  To follow up on the question of "well, if you're so smart what do we do at QB?" I answer that they should go ahead and start Thigpen, and sign the best available free agent.  Now that may be Jamarcus Russell, or someone else, I don't know.  And in that case, you're basically giving him 4 games to prove his worth.  Then, in the offseason you get a good QB in free agency, or sign one or two free agent QBs who are lesser guys and let them battle it out.  And most importantly, you draft a QB in April.  Its time to stop cut baiting and fish! (or some other ridiculous metaphor)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

chad henne and my grandmother

Granny was so fed up with Chad, she visited training camp this morning. She gave him a personal talk, then went out on the practice field and showed him some things. Then, they invited a few receivers on the field and she played against them.

And apparently, he couldn't beat my grandmother.

There were two receivers and a QB against granny. There was only about 20% completions, and she made 8 interceptions. So, she tied one arm behind her back, and the completions went up to 30% and there were only 6 picks, two of them for TDs.


Granny was laughing all the way home.

Fwd: or maybe they sent the pats back to hartford

From friend-of-the-blog Alan:

But the headline says (see attached).

So they re-routed the jets over Shea?

Route? Really?

Don Meredith

As an older guy who loved MNF back in the day, I enjoyed the tribute to him last night and wanted to pay my respects and share that video.

Chad Henne

There have been several articles written by local media members, and published in local papers over the last few days about Chad Henne.  Most are calls for calm - they repeat the same thing Sparano has said "give him more time."

I say that's crap.  Henne needs to be shown the door.

In one article, the venerable Edwin Pope talks about how it used to be that QBs got more time, like 5-6 years before they were judged.  To that I say, where is your supporting evidence?

All of the best QBs in history (and those of recent times) have started games in their first year, or shortly thereafter, and immediately showed their worth.  The few exceptions were on the bench behind proven stars.  That's fact.  I can not think of a time in history where we judged a QB 5 out.  And realistically, in the current world of "instant gratification" we want results now - if Henne showed flashes of being great, I'd be all for sticking with him.

He hasn't shown me jack.  He had a "good" game against the Raiders, but that was more a tribute to the Raiders poor play than his effort.  Sorry, that one game doesn't sell me.  Yes, I know the OC hasn't been doing him any favors.  But, he has a very good running game, a top-flight receiver, and a good possession guy and a tight end who could make plays.  What more does he need to have success?  What will time buy him, or us?

Pul-ease.  I've seen enough.


The Jets got their collective arses whooped last night.  That's never a bad thing.  Too bad it was the Patriots who did it, but whatever.

The Jets were once again exposed as vulnerable, and that bodes well for their fortunes remaining games.

Except that I'm not sure Miami can take advantage of that fact, especially since they square off this weekend - just after being embarrassed.

Sanchez threw three picks, but that won't happen again, especially considering Miami can't hold onto a pick!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Wanker of the week

As I've said in the past, Chad Henne is nothing more than a career backup.  Once again, he watched every receiver.  He was having trouble at times making reads.  He had three passes deflected at the line, and on each passing play the Browns got their hands up as though they assumed they could knock some balls down.  He threw three picks (one off a deflection).  And he overthrew and underthrew receivers repeatedly. 

At one point, he had Hartline streaking down the sideline; Brian had beaten his guy by 7 yards.  Henne threw the ball about 10 yards too short, so all the db had to do was turn around and raise his hands to make the pick.  Hartline had to run to catch him.  He gave Henne and earful, and somewhat surprisingly Brian was taken out of the game.

What bugs me is that Saturday night, when we heard Sparano talk, he was telling us how Henne is motivated to get it done.

Here's my problem: in the first year Sparano was here, he'd pretty much cut a guy a week who was underperforming.  Sometimes they were starters.  Players used to remark on you never know who would be gone on any week.  Last year, it was less often, but if you underperformed, you were gone.  This year, he's cut a few players who screwed up - like the guy who allowed a punt and kick block in a game.

So why won't he cut Henne?  Chad has now cost them at least 3 games with his play.  Its not time for him to be benched.  Its time for him to clear out his locker.  Let Thigpen have a go, and sign Ramsey or some other guy to be his backup.  I don't usually boo at games, but at least this time, I appreciated the booing that Henne received.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Who will have the better record?

I have a quasi-bet going with a friend of mine who's a Cowboys fan.  After the Boys started winning, and the Dolphins started floundering, we bet on who would have the better record at season's end: Cowboys or Dolphins.

This one is going to be too close to call, I think.

And as the Cowboys just kicked the winning fieldgoal, I have to wonder of the three teams Cowboys, Dolphins, AND Colts, which one will have the best record...

Longest field goal

At the game they simply told us that it was Dan Carpenter's long for his career.  They made no mention of it being the longest in team history.

Of course it was.  But why the lack of acknowledgement?  I think its because there's an error in the electronic version of the media guide - I just got a copy of it yesterday, and went to look it up....and that page is missing!  In the print version, its there.  But assuming the problem is consistent in all copies, that would explain it.

The previous long was 59 by Pete Stoyonovich against the Jets two decades ago.

Chad Henne is a joke

While I try to keep things family friendly, this video sums up my thoughts about Henne. 

There's some language in this that is definitely not G-Rated, so be warned.

Unexpected issue...

So the issue at the stadium was...the lack of cell service.  While I was getting a "strong signal indicator" (ie, many bars), the connection kept dropping. 

I have encountered this in a densely populated area before - so many people using the cell service that the bandwidth goes way down.

So, I went ahead and recorded the videos to my phone, and you can view them at

Live video

Due to a technical issue live video stopped. I'll have em for you later.

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...see? There's an app for that.

Today at the game

At various times today, I'm going to do a live broadcast on my ustream channel

I'll tweet it out, and the files will be in the archive on the site afterward if you miss it.