Saturday, December 04, 2010

Cheerleader voting: a correction

The "happy holidays" post I made earlier was while we are at the team facility. The two women are Samantha and Brooke. They were both very pleasant as they posed for pictures with us.

And that got me to thinking about my competition: Samantha is one of the final four with no losses, but Brooke took a loss in the last round, and was facing elimination against Amy. And that just didn't seem fair, since I actually happened to meet her. contest, my rules. I am switching the position of Michelle and Brooke, and essentially resetting the vote for each of these groupings. I'm not advancing her, just giving her another opportunity since it appeared she wasn't going to beat Amy.

Since there are so few ladies left, I want to keep this rolling along...

The new groupings:

And of course the standings:

Web weekend videos

Want to look at the special teams activity we did today?

Want to peek inside the training facility - the locker rooms, the practice fields, the bubble?

Then be sure and look at the videos I uploaded from my iphone....

Happy holidays

At the dolphins training facility

I hate it when that happens

Blue tape? Or toilet paper?

Steve-o gets a little attention

Dave paints himself into a corner

Volunteer day

Thursday, December 02, 2010

(still more) cheerleader voting

Since there are so few ladies left, I want to keep this rolling along...

Now its a "losers" bracket, so there's only two groupings:

And of course the standings:

Allrighty then

The US (and Joe Robbie Stadium) lost the bid to host the world cup.

Instead it will be going to Qatar.  Quick, anyone know where that is?

What’s up with that?

Am I missing something here?

The Steelers' James Harrison has been fined $125,000 this season (thus far) for some of his hits that were deemed by the commish as being too aggressive or otherwise dangerous.

First off, you have the commish who doles out punishment in somewhat strange ways.  He has broad discretion to suspend or fine a player who crosses any line.  So you've got enormous fines for this big hits, but then guys like the Seahwaks LB I've talked about in the past (Hill?) who are arrested for beating up their girlfriends walk.

Second, that's a lot of jack.  $125k is nearly 4 times the average annual salary for a mid-to-low income working person.  I'd wonder where that money goes?  To charity?  Neurological research?  Retired players fund?

And last is Harrison himself who says his play is not dirty, and says he won't change his playing still and will continue to appeal the fines. And then his teammates who are defending him saying he's being singled out.  I'm a fan of football.  I've watched a lot of games.  I'm neither a fan nor a hater of the Steelers (though in fairness, it does bug me that they have that many SB champeenships).  And I think his play crosses the line.  I said that before he started getting fined, and I'm repeating it now.

The game is aggressive and somewhat violent, but I don't think it was ever intended to be malicious or vicious.  That's just the outcome of having bigger, faster players, more money at stake, and harder "armor" that the players wear.   Imagine if they didn't have helmets or shoulder pads.  Think they'd play that way?   

So applying the rules is necessary, and the right thing to do.  

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Unusual response

I've heard of people suggesting potential coaches, but this incident takes the cake.  And okay, it has nothing to do with the Dolphins.

According to several reports, Donald Trump suggested the Hurricanes hire Mike Leach as their coach back when they hired Randy Shannon.

And then, this week, he took a local newspaper that talked about Shannon's firing, and scrawled on it words to the effect of 'see I told you, now go hire Leach'

That takes some stones, don't it?

And of course Donald was sooooo successful when it came to the USFL, wasn't he?

Ronnie Brown named man of the year

Ronnie Brown does a lot for his community, following in the footsteps of Dan Marino and Jason Taylor.  So it comes as no surprise that he was named man of the year for the Dolphins, and is now in the running for the Walter Payton man of the year for the NFL.

Here's to hoping his DUI in the past off-season was nothing more than a one-time mistake.

why staying in your lane is important

On the opening kickoff, there was a kick return for a TD.  How did that happen?  At least in part, it was because players didn't stay in their lanes.

In the first image, you can get a sense of where each player was supposed to be, and there's Carpenter at the top.  At least two players had collapsed down and weren't covering their lanes; and were too close to their teammate.

A few moments later, you can see what happened.  Guys got bunched up, and particularly the guys in the dark circle are out of position - at least one of them is, anyway...if they had been covering their lanes, this might not have ended this way.

The fast receiver blew past a guy out of position and the bunches that were all blocked.  And now its off to the races.

This was corrected in subsequent returns.

Incidentally I noticed that the "benched" Vontae and Sean Smith were both out on the coverage team.  I have to assume that they haven't played special teams much and were among those out of position on the play...

Wanker of the week

Dan Carpenter

Yes I know that overall he's been playing pretty well.

And his misses were both in the 50 yard range, and the missed tackle on the opening kickoff wasn't his fault, really.

But *someone* had to be nominated, and his name jumped to the top of the list based on all of these factors.

Toys for Tots!

This holiday season, the Miami Dolphins and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves will join forces to launch Touchdown for Tots, a national toy drive benefiting the Toys for Tots Foundation. On December 5, fans can spread the joy of the holidays while cheering on the Dolphins as they play the Cleveland Browns at Sun Life Stadium, sponsored by Waste Management.

For over 60 years, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation has delivered a message of hope to less fortunate children through the gift of a new toy at Christmas. Last year, Marines distributed 16 million toys to more than 7.4 million children who without Toys for Tots’ help, might have faced Christmas morning without a toy under the tree.

Fans can support Touchdown for Tots in several ways throughout the holiday season:

Donate a Toy at Game Day Toy Drives

Bring a new, unwrapped toy to Sun Life Stadium on December 5. Local Marines will be at the stadium collecting toys to distribute to children in our local community.

Text TD to 50555 to Donate a Toy

Text TD to 50555 to make a $5 donation. Every $5 donated will put a new toy in the hands of deserving child.

Donate online

When you’re online reading the latest scores or selecting this week’s players for your fantasy football team, visit to make a donation.

"For years many NFL teams around the country have supported their local Toys for Tots campaign, delivering the magic of the holidays to children in their community,” said Lt. General Pete Osman, USMC (Ret), President and CEO, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. “With even more children living in poverty today, we are thrilled to have a national focus on our effort to help children across the country receive a gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. We hope the fans of these great teams will support Touchdown for Tots and help deliver more toys than ever before to those children who need it most."

About The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program
The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is a not for profit organization authorized by the U.S. Marine Corps and the Department of Defense to provide fundraising and other necessary support for the annual Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. Now in its 63rd year, Toys for Tots provides joy and a message of hope to less fortunate children through the gift of a new toy or book during the Christmas holiday season. Our gifts offer these children hope, recognition and a positive memory they will cherish for a lifetime. Many of the gifts we provide, such as books, games and sports equipment, make a significant contribution to the educational, social and recreational development of these children. In 2009, Marines distributed gifts to 7.4 million children in 691 communities nationwide. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation relies on individual donations from the American public as well as support from corporate sponsors. For more information, visit

A couple of random thoughts

  • Looks like John Gruden may wind up in Miami after all.  The University of Miami is heavily pursuing him as their next coach. We still don't know what will happen with Sparano, only that Mr. Ross has to evaluate what's best for his team, and that *he* had a man crush on Gruden.
  • Sports Illustrated named Drew Brees its Sportsman of the Year.  Let's see, which team was it that didn't take a chance on Brees?  Twice.
  • The Dolphins activated the miraculously healed Philip Merling yesterday.  I'm still wondering about this make room for him they cut QB Patrick Ramsey whose Dolphin career hilight was standing next to Tyler Thigpen on the sideline.  Quick - does anyone know what he looks like or what number he was wearing for the Phins? Oh, and that means the Phins will only carry 2 QBs for now.
  • Vontae and Sean Smith lost their starting roles and were fined for the very serious infraction of ... being late to a team meeting.  Shoot if they did that at the company I work for, everyone would be perennially suspended.
  • Bill Parcells is already bored and is looking for an offer.  His preference is a return to broadcast TV, though he is also putting out feelers to join another team in an executive role...lets see he's 3 years into a 4 year contract, wouldn't it be something if some other sucker of a team hired him and he was still being paid as a Dolphins "consultant" while working for another team? (in that case, maybe the Dolphins are the suckers)....and by the way Bill, I'm looking for a new director or gardening operations at my house if you're bored.  It doesn't pay much, but its not like you need the money.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheerleader Voting: the Final 8

We've got 8 ladies left in the competition:
Lilly, Samantha, Nikki, and Jessica are in the winners bracket

Brooke, Amy, Michelle, and Brianne are in the losers bracket with one loss each.

Who will win? Its anyone's guess...

This week, we'll be voting on the winner's bracket, so there's only two groupings:

And of course the standings:

Monday, November 29, 2010

A win is a win

I had the feeling that the Dolphins were in for a world of hurt.  The Fins have a ton of injuries, and no clear starting QB, and a long (though not-so-successful history) in Oakland.  And the Raiders 5-5 record really oversells the effort the team puts forth.  They had a couple of games were they scored a ton of points, but generally speaking they haven't wowed anyone.

And that leads me to the simple conclusion that while it was a nice win by the Dolphins - and a much needed one - it really wasn't much of a statement.  The Raiders mostly beat themselves.  Gradkowski was horrible at QB, and the team struggled rather a lot.  They couldn't get a stop on Miami, ever.  And they couldn't move the ball themselves.

In a way that troubles me.  Because now I'm going to hear a lot about how Chad Henne has "come around" and is the fins future.  And how Sparano managed the game well.  The second is a mostly true statement.  But the first, not so much.  Yes, Henne had a good day statistically, but he still locked in on every receiver.  And his lack of mobility shoulda/coulda/woulda been a liability against a good team.  

The commitment to the running game was huge, and was the difference in this game.  Finally, we saw the Dolphins really trying to make something happen on the ground.  And over on defense, we saw some pretty good play and some nice combinations of players that (a) gave everyone a little breather and (b) confused Gradkowski at times.  

Special teams were uneven again.  When Ford took the opening kickoff to the house, I assumed it was over, and was going to be a long afternoon.  But the Fins responded well, and kept him in check the rest of the day.  Bess had a very nice return that nearly went the distance.  And yet there was a punt nearly blocked, and a couple of missed field goals.

So, I'll take it, and we'll see where the Fins go from here.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

One or so hour to gametime

And I am out enjoying a beautiful south Florida day!!!

I'll catch the game later on TiVo.

The sad state of Miami sports

The Heat created the "dream team" and yet they have a worse record than last year.

The Marlins have been perennially bad since the won the world series 7 years ago, and are (once again) purging their payroll.

The Panthers have been out of the playoffs for a decade (in a sport where *everyone* makes the playoffs) and lost all three home games they played this week.

The Hurricanes just finished another "meh" season with way too many losses, and fired their coach last night.

And the Dolphins are no better than average, and are basically forgettable.  Could a mediocre end-to-the-season cause them to replace the coach this season?  We don't know.

But I have to assume so.  As we hear it, Stephen Ross has expressed an "interest" in John Gruden.  He likes the coaches style and approach to the game and might like to have him coaching here.

What a sad state of affairs for a city that has enjoyed a fair amount of success with its sports teams.