Saturday, November 27, 2010

secrecy rules

Chad Henne took about half the reps in practice on Friday, and coach Sparano said he was "leaning to" starting Henne.

However, what you probably didn't read anywhere is that Henne was only involved in the team portion of the drills (and didn't practice in individual or smaller group drills) and was limited to handoffs and straight drop back passes.  He did not run any rollouts, nor was he forced to step up.

My hunch tells me this another Sparano ruse designed to make the Raiders prepare for two QBs, thus giving the Fins a slight edge.

I do not believe Henne will start.

BTW, one person at practice the other day commented that it would only take one good hit on Henne to knock him out for the season, so there's another reason not to start him.

But why would they tell us that?  He's "questionable" and from a Vegas standpoint, the game is off the boards.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Its those little things...

I may not have much to cheer for when it comes to the Dolphins, but that doesn't mean I can't root *against* the guy who literally was the architect of the team's demise: Little Nicky.

How sweet it was to see him getting red-faced on the sidelines as his team went down at home to #2 Auburn.

Ahhhhh, yes, there are moments to savor this football season....

That's frustrating

Yesterday, we saw the Pats beat up on the Lions.  These are the same Pats that struggled in their early games this year because they have a bunch of younger, inexperienced players.  And yet they are ready to play each and every week, and are very well coached.  It doesn't hurt to have Tom Brady, of course.  But its amazing to me that they can keep on rolling evern after releasing all of their veterans.
Meanhile the Jets.  Ugh.  How do they keep managing to pull games out of their butts?  Several last-minute victories, followed by a 3-game-sweep of the Bengals.  And thank you Cincy for rolling over in those games.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More voting, more pictures

We're narrowing the field.  Here's another elimination round:

And of course the standings:

Monday, November 22, 2010

A world of hurt

The dolphins problems run deep.

You have to ask "is this team significantly better than the 1-15 team?". And my answer is: only slightly. 80% new roster with little veteran leadership and it's not that much better. And does that make sparano and Ireland failures?

Special teams have gotten better but are still weak except for the punter and kicker. We still have no returner.

Defensively there are still gaps, but that pales in comparison to the offense where we need additional depth and may need to replace one or two guys (again).

QB is a pressing need. Ricky isn't getting any younger and Ronnie is in the last year of his contract, with no real depth behind them, so RB is a need.

Tight end needs to be addressed and we still need at least one more receiver. How the heck are they going to address all those needs this offseason?

Ugh. Like I said, the problems run deep.

Jason Allen

Anyone else catch the fact that Allen was playing for the texans? And he was in coverage on each of the last two passes by the jets in the game.

I guess we can see clearly now why he was let go.

ESPN's Schlereth: Dolphins had 'garbage game plan' against Bears

> Sun Sentinel
> November 22 2010, 10:06 AM EST
> Former Pro Bowl guard Mark Schlereth, an ESPN NFL television analyst, held back nothing in roasting the game plan the Miami Dolphins coaches implemented against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.
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