Thursday, November 11, 2010


Philip Merling wasn't as badly injured as anyone thought.  Wait.  He tore is ACL, right?  That's a condition that requires an entire year to rehab from - and its been 3 months.  Now they are considering bringing him back to the active roster.  So either (a) the medical staff is incompetent (thoughts on that one OJ McDuffie?), (b) we were lied to, or (c) this was some hair-brained scheme to avoid the public spectre of a suspension in his domestic dispute case.

And speaking of McDuffie, a judge threw out the damage award, on a technicality, and the trial begins anew.  We hear OJ is not excited but was previously "because its finally over."

And as for fines and suspensions, the league reviewed the alleged spitting incident, and decided not to fine LeRon McClain.  So, Karlos, you need to find him in a dark alley.  Or maybe if somehow you matchup against the Ravens in the playoffs you can settle this ON THE FIELD.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans day

We here at Dave's salute all veterans and active duty military personnel.

Thank you for all that you do!

For those that are serving in a current theater: Godspeed on a safe return.


Starting the season, Jason Allen was tagged as a starter and played pretty well.

As the season wore on, he wasn't playing quite as well and was demoted last week and relegated to special teams.

Then the packers released veteran Al Harris and Miami grabbed him. And who did they release? Allen.

How peculiar given all the younger guys among the dbs.

A followup to Henne

Turns out that Tony listened to me!! Well partially anyway.

Chad Pennington was re-inserted into the starting lineup this afternoon; Henne moves to the bench.

That means Pennington gets his pay raise. And likely signals that Henne will be saddled with one of the dreaded monikers such as "career backup."

What surprises me most about this move is that Sparano is setting an expectation on winning now. It's on.

I would have expected that Thigpen would get a shot to see what he can do.

But at least I can't kick Henne around anymore...


I've been listening to local radio and reading the paper.  The wrath on Henne has begun.  But the coaches won't address it - "Henne is our guy" is the response.

A couple of local reporters pointed out that the team will do what teams always do: give him more time.  And then maybe, once the season is over (because there's no shot at the playoffs), they'll consider a switch.

Sorry.  That's not good enough.  You've been here for 2 1/2 years mr. Sparano, and while you may have had a plan for rebuilding, it hasn't happened yet.  What are you going to tell me next, that its a 5-year plan?  Come on.  The Rams are better in one year.  Why? Because they got a QB.  The Raiders are suddenly better, and the only major change they made QB.  Do I see a trend here?

I'll admit, I was calling for Henne to start after he was drafted.  And that's because I wanted to see him play when they drafted him.  Worked for Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, didn't it?  Instead we were teased with a (I can't believe I'm about to say this) good QB in Pennington, and THEN given Henne when Pennington went down.  He's been the starter for more than 21 games, and its clear he's nothing more than a fill-in for now.

So, Dolphins, stick with your guy as we know you will.  And when the Fins are no better than 6-6 we'll see what you think.

If you say so, Roger.

The NFL league year ends in early March.  So, technically, the NFL will cease operations on that date unless a CBA agreement is reached. 

The NFL answers the question "will there be an NFL draft in 2011?" with a simple "yes"...but the reality is that its not that simple. 

With no CBA, I suppose you could make the case that you could hold a draft, but in effect, the draft would have no set rules, and arguably would be non-binding. 

First the rules.  The draft was established to balance the competition, and because the CBA lays out the draft and how teams select players, without a CBA, theoretically, this could be complicated: suppose team A wants a all star Mel Guljxit.  They call him up and make him an offer before the draft.  Now team B is on the board and selects Mel.  Who has the rights to him at that point, since the draft itself isn't part of a CBA?  I have no idea, and I don't think the NFL does either.  Sure, the owners could have a gentleman's agreement, but can you imagine if one of them decided to go out on his own?

As for the binding nature, a player coming out of college would be selected by a team.  But there is no union for him to join, and there is no contract to sign (they can't have a contract if there's no CBA).  So essentially, the teams are going to select the rights to a player.  But what if an owner decided to sign the player - either before or after the draft - to a contract to work for *him* or something?  That would certainly foul things up.  And what if a player decided - you know I don't like team A, I'd rather play for team B.  How binding is a draft that wasn't part of collective bargaining?  I could see the potential for someone to sue to get out of playing for a team because there was no cba, and no intent to work.

This could be ugly.  Or it could work; the NFL could simply tell everyone that it will work, and hope everyone just goes along.

I figure if a guy like Maurice Clarett can sue the NFL over the draft to gain entry to it, then its exceedingly possible that someone will test the boundaries of the legal nature of holding a draft, with no NFL to speak of.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cheerleader Voting: next round

We're down to the final 16 contestants in our double-elimination tournament. This week, its 8 ladies in a "winners bracket" that you're voting on.

And if you want to know where we are, and how these ladies are faring, visit:

Suitable for mobile phones and web browsers.

There are new pictures for each of them...


Monday, November 08, 2010

One last thought about the Ravens

Tony Sparano and Mike Nolan were outcoached by Cam Cameron.  That's just plain sad.  The guy couldn't do jack here, and he's beaten the Dolphins 3 times now, all of their meetings since he coached here.

Mid-season report card

At 4-4, what can you say about these Dolphins?  They're not good enough?  They're not trying enough?  I don't know.

What I do know is that my expectation was that they'd host the AFC Championship game this season.  With their play, that seems unlikely, but at 4-4, they actually aren't that far (2 games) behind the AFC's best.  Laughable as that seems.  So all hope is not lost.

Offensively they've become predictable, defensively they aren't able to hold other teams, and on special teams, they're forgettable.

Best game this year: I would say overall going into Minnesota and stopping Brett Favre and Adrian Petersen was impressive, and the goal line stand at the end was sweet.  That's the kind of play I expect from this team.

Worst game: this is a really tough call.  The Patriots game was unbelieveable due to the ineptitude on special teams (but other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?).  But I think I'm leaning to the Ravens game, because all phases of the game were bad.  There's no sugarcoating it and simply firing an assistant coach after this one.

MVP thus far: wow if Dan Carpenter is my MVP, then there is something really wrong here.  Having a kicker play well is important, and he's had some clutch kicks.  But it should not come down to him each and every week, sorry.

Top offensive player: Jake Long has been stable and consistent and only has a couple of penalties.  He's played well and deserves this one.

Top defensive player: Cam Wake has been really good, and is second in the league in sacks.  He makes you think "Jason who?" at times.

Top rookie: Koa Misi is the only rookie who has done *anything* this season, so by default, its his honor.

And there you have it.  I suggested they'd go 9-7, and that seems a bit of a stretch, but is still possible.

Wow did that suck

I wanted to collect my thoughts about this game, because the sting was still there last night...

And now that I've thought about it, I realize the game wasn't as bad as I originally thought. No, it was worse.

On offense, there were more attempts to make plays down the field, and less success in doing so.  The running game was all but abandoned - with 9 carries for Ronnie in the first quarter and change, and only 8 total rushes the rest of the game.  The Ravens said Henne was "easy to read" and "predictable"...Brandon Marshall was nowhere to be found, though he lamented that the Dolphins can't beat a good team - after the game.   Brian Hartline continued his string of not making enough plays, and ultimately a turnover ensues. The game was lost on the first possession of the second half: Miami had been playing fairly well to that point, and got the ball to start half #2.  And of course they went three and out.

On defense, Channing Crowder's mouth was the only part of his body he really used Sunday, and it was the best used weapon the defense had.  LaRon McClain scorched them for 180 total yards.  And there was that nonsense between the two that in retrospect is funny.  The Ravens had a penalty, Crowder went into the backfield and said McClain spit on him and a small melee ensued.  And after the game, the Dolphins were still talking about it - Dansby said the commissioner would fine him, or they'd settle it on the street.....uhhhhh, how about settling it with him on the football field by simply STOPPING HIM????  Sheesh, their pride was on the line, you would think they'd use that to motivate them in some way.

Special teams.  Ay yay yay.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Tackling wasn't bad.  The Miami punting unit wasn't too bad.  But, Carpenter missed an "easy" field goal, and then on one play - the only play on which the punter for the Ravens came on the field - Miami only had 10 men on the field.  The coaches saw it and tried to call timeout, but the Ravens got off a fake pass for a first down because (a) *they* were aware of it, and (b) they had a playcall for such a situation.  Can you imagine if Miami had been punting and seen that?  They probably would have had to call timeout to discuss strategy! 

My point is that there's no awareness.  I don't feel like the team has that sense of urgency and purpose at times.  And to me, that's a reflection of the coaches.  Stop being timid and taking the three points, and then cheering about it.  Be bold and try and win a freakin' football game going away - and if it happens that its tight, then so be it.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Wanker of the Week (Ravens edition)

A few weeks ago, I said if Henne continued to play the way he was playing that I was going to call for his benching.

The play continued.  The time has come.  The empty jersey shown here represents Henne - its almost like he's not there at all.

The guy had an abysmal performance against the Ravens, with many poorly thrown balls, and 3 picks.  They are going to win NOTHING with him as the QB.

Coaches, please sit Henne and lets see what Thigpen has for now.  It may turn out that he's okay, or maybe not.

And then in the draft, please go out and get us a QB.

I see no upside in Pennington right now, so I'd rather he remain as the backup.

Say it with me: Chad Henne you are a wanker. 

Freakin' Dolphins

The Fins have a chance to establish themselves as a legitimate team.  And with New England losing, the opportunity was theirs for the taking to make up some ground.

Except that against the Ravens, they simply couldn't get it done.  Call it dumb luck or bad play.  On this day their offense was bad, and their defense was arguably worse.

4-4 here sit the Dolphins.  They are just what their record says they are: average.

Wanker of the Week

A followup: Florida's gubernatorial race was won by about 50,000 votes, or about 1.5% of the total voter turnout.

And that turnout was about 46% statewide, and as low as 39% in some counties.

Its your right - and your priveledge - to vote in this great country.  So anyone who chose not to, or couldn't be bothered: I'm calling you out as a wanker!!!

Other sports in South Florida

The Marlins told us that they would build a better team as soon as they got a stadium.  And, as you might expect, the first thing they did was to cut their payroll and promote a bunch of young guys.  Among the players they released was Cody Ross, who went on to be the NLCS MVP, and a big-time performer in the World Series.  He was understandably happy to be left to a good team.  And then there was a little matter of the city of Miami mayor having a recall action started - and the Marlins donated $50k to his defense.  He was instrumental in getting them a stadium...

The Heat claimed to have sold out EVERY ticket in the arena for every home game, and fired all of their ticket staff.  Then it turned out there were a small number of tickets available on gameday up in the rafters.  So, they're not all sold?  Then, yesterday, the Miami Herald had an article about how ticket sales are slow for the Heat, and there are many, many tickets available to games, and many have gone unused on gameday; and some will sell for as little as $10 for small-market games in the future.

Wow, talk about being lied to...

Grill Off

John Offerdahl is hosting a "GridIron GrillOff" this coming weekend here in Florida.

Link to his site to learn more

The GRIDIRON-GRILL-OFF will host 12 legendary Miami Dolphins teamed with 12 of the top chefs in Broward County. The teams will compete with their own special grilling recipes before discriminating fans who eat, drink and vote! A $56 ticket will get you in to enjoy great food, wine and celebrity access, autographs and entertainment from an impressive starting line-up of Gridiron Grill Teams.

The GRIDIRON GRILL-OFF’s goal is to raise funds for The Hand-OFF Foundation which helps serve the needs of South Florida’s hungry. Specifically, the Gridiron Grill-OFF will help support Hope South Florida ( This is a collaborative effort between the City of Fort Lauderdale, the church community, and The Shepherd’s Way, which cares for South Florida’s homeless families.