Saturday, October 23, 2010

Info about stadium improvements

  • The UEFA dropped it's bid for the 2018 world cup and will focus on 2022. Miami is still very much in the mix, but stadium improvements will be important.

  • Stephen Ross is moving forward with his plan to secure public funding for stadium improvements, but he tied it to upgrades to the Miami beach convention center which has decided it wants a lot of money and may exclude the dolphins from the legislation.

  • The NFL has been telling host cities to expect that future superbowls will be presidents day weekend.  There is the boat show in miami for a week around that weekend every year and they will NOT move their event. Ft Lauderdale said they would play host, but The host committee in south Florida has basically said that would exclude Miami so they won't support that and don't know what to do next. (yes, I know the NFL has more "clout" and likely would win out, but the facts are what they are)

  • In any case, the plan to secure public funds rests on the ability to increase the bed taxes by 1% in dade county. But remember that the marlins loan is supposed to be repaid from existing bed tax dollars with an overages coming from the general city fund.  That can't end well

Aside to Mr Ross: next time take the $12 mil you "gave" to Parcells and use it to make your own improvements!!

Odrick - WTF?

I'm missing something here. Jared Odrick was injured in week 2 - reportedly with a broken [edit: leg]. He's been "making progress" and last week was at the game, and there was "a chance" he'd play.

And then yesterday, they put him on IR. Which begs the question - what precisely is going on there?

It seems especially odd because Channing Crowder was inactive for the first 5 weeks of the season, finally returning to play for the first time in week 6. Why would they wait him out but not Odrick?

The Dolphins connection

Brett Favre is in the news for his alleged transgression, and hey, if he wants to send a picture of his junk to someone, that’s his business. I know, its in the personal conduct arena, but isn’t this really between him and his wife and the other woman??

Anyway, the other woman is Jenn Sterger, who at one time was one of the “FSU Cowgirls” know the couple of young hotties who were at an FSU Miami game wearing bikinis; they got shown on TV with Brent Mussburger saying something like “there’s a good reason to come to FSU.” It led to some fame, and the girls appeared in Maxim, among other things.

There’s a Dolphins connection here. One of the other cowgirls is Fabiola, who has been a Dolphins cheerleader for 4 years now.

So here’s a picture of Jenn and Fabiola to enjoy. Google them if you want more!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage football cards

Hi Dave, here's another Dolphins link you might like for - Gallery of vintage Dolphins football cards
Thanks for considering it!

What up with that?

How can the dolphins be 3-0 on the road and 0-2 at home??

Maybe they should consider running their week as though they are the visitors. Take the team bus to the game. Use the visitors locker room. Even use the opposite sideline for the game.

Crazy? Maybe. But if it worked...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Portrait of a quitter

Turns out the line we were fed that "nothing changes" was all BS -
which I expected.

Bill Parcells has apparently departed the Dolphins facility and has no
intention of returning. "He's in his office watching game film."

If the office is at home, and the game film is that of another team,
then I believe it.

Thanks for literally nothing Bill!


Miami had two quirky things happen in the game.

The first was the 4th down "stop" of Ronnie Brown that killed miami's momentum and looked like it was going to lead to the loss.

It was odd because the replay clearly showed he got the first down, and then some. And I was pretty sure during the play that he had surged forward.

Only the officials marked him short. And here's the quirky thing - a challenge of the spot only has about a 5% chance of succeeding. I know Sparano had to try and get it overturned. But it was a long shot at best.

The other play was the punt where you had a packer lined up directly over center. They changed the rule this year to prevent injury since the long snapper has his head down and so he did violate the rule. But man is that a weird rule.

Oh and speaking of quirky why is it that pretty much all celebrations - especially those that are planned - are forbidden but the Lambeau Leap is okay?

Wanker Of The Week

Say what you will about Y Bell, but IMHO, he had his second bad outing in 4 weeks.

He was at least partially responsible for the long TD pass. Miami was in a run defense with him as the lone deep safety.

The packers put a couple of receivers right and one ran a 15 yard curl while the other went up the field. Bell went after the guy in the curl, where there already were two defenders.

The deep guy was behind Vontae and he had no help. In comes the pass and it's off to the races.

Bell should have stayed deep to help in that coverage.

Rodgers' TD

The fins had the packers in a 3rd and long late and let them off the hook.

Then they got a first and goal. On first it's a Rodgers scramble. On second and third it was runs with the fullback.

It's fourth and goal at the 1. The packers take a timeout and lineup. Then Miami sees the formation and takes a timeout of their own.

Rodgers is in the shotgun with no backs. I said aloud "it's a draw!" and the linebacker moves over to cover a receiver.

The middle is open.

Rodgers comes up to center and as he does so I notice the confusion on the defense. No one is covering the middle and Bell and a few others are trying to find their positions.

And then I said "it's a sneak!" and sure enough Rodgers walked into the endzone untouched.

What puzzled me here was why the packers went for the tie rather than going for 2 and the win....

Nice play

Dan Henning put a really nice play out there for the team on the TD pass to Fasano.

He used a moving pocket to the right of the formation and had his receivers take the defensive backs down the field and away from the left.

Fasano blocked then dropped back and left and he was left open to receive a pass easily and had almost no one in front him.

Chad Henne

While he played well enough yesterday, he still has to work through his habit of never looking off his receiver.

On the TD toss to Bess he forced it between two defenders, but locked in on Bess as the play started.

He was lucky not to get picked off on that play.

Now that's a sort of poetic justice

Miami wins a big game, on the road, against a worthy foe - on the
strength of special teams!

Nice effort by the Fins, and we welcome the return of Channing Crowder
- he was a difference makes against the run.

More later.