Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aaron Rodgers

I don't want this to sound like I'm being a homer here, but Rodgers
shouldn't play this weekend.

I'm a big believer in protecting players after a concussion. He was
injured last Sunday, and on Wednesday he was "cleared to play" by the
team doctor and the myertious "outside expert." It certianly seems to
me that a week's rest after being diagnosed would be in his best
inetrest for long-term health.

But I suppose the team doesn't care, and if he wants to risk it to
play a sport, he can.

It just seems wrong to me.

Friday, October 15, 2010


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Thursday, October 14, 2010


The latest issue of SI kids had this fact shown:

The potential lockout

The Wall Street Journal had an article about the NFL, and how it stands to potentially lose $1 billion dollars in the event of a lockout.

The number is staggering, and when I heard it, I balked. How could that be? But if we consider there are 32 teams, that's about $31 million per team. And that number I can at least understand.

You've got staff employee salaries. There are loans to be repaid, taxes (on property and so forth), leases on facilities, and other overhead expenses that you'll have even if there is no team to field. That's real money that has to be paid, no matter what.

Corporate sponsors and partners are asking for reductions in fees paid. Some of that will be real money re-paid to some partners, and reduced income in others.

The TV deal allows the NFL to essentially break-even next year if there are no games, but that ultimately means the owners pay back the networks out of future profits. So there's a long-term implication, but that doesn't really contribute to the losses in 2011.

And then there's advertising. Some sponsorship deals will essentially end in litigation if there is no CBA, with the sponsors asking for their money back because they won't be an official sponsor of anything. Others will want a reduction in what they pay, hoping for the NFL to return. Its a mix of real money and less income.

Of course there would be no real income from games to offset the losses, so it has to come from the owners' pockets, or a general fund from the NFL (where they have set aside some money for a rainy day).

Think about it. Some owners will struggle to cover it.

And the ramifications go larger. Its entirely possible that many teams will choose to furlough the non-football-operations staff, essentially leaving them unemployed. And then you also have people who would normally be employed (even as hourly workers) at the stadiums around the country who no longer have that as a potential source of income. There are thousands of people - from food vendors to policemen to grounds crew - who won't be working on Sundays.

Not to mention the effects on media people, chartered airlines, bars and restaurants, sports books, etc, etc who would also be impacted, because they don't get to drink from the trough.

And as I think about it, I realize that the owners (and really the wealthy players) are putting greed first, ahead of the thoughts of the damage they do to their own sport, and the economy in general.

So, owners, its up to you....fix this now, or we all suffer in some way.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Consider if you will...

In the last parts of the '06 season (really, in January of '07), little Nicky texted the coaching staff to say "see ya, suckers!" and thus began the Cam "Cam" Cameron error.

At the end of that season, H. Wayne decided to change directions, and went after Bill Parcells to run his football operation.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, owner Arthur Blank was dealing with his own issues.  In '07 - with a few games left to play - coach Bobby Petrino quit to take another job, thus out-weasling little Nicky. 

Blank decided to change directions, and just who do you suppose Mr. Blank sought to run his football operation?  You guessed it.  Bill Parcells.

Parcells talked with both owners, but in the end decided to come to Miami because of the situation (the team had been 1-15, and turning that around would make him look great!) and he had a relationship with Huzienga.

We all know how it turned out here.  Parcells, Ireland, Sparano. 

But in Atlanta, Blank turned to Rich McKay, who was already on his staff as GM and President.  McKay was a lesser-known, but he helped build up the great Bucs teams of the late 90s and early 00s.  And he was already assembling a decent team in Atlanta.  Then, they went after
Thomas Dimitroff, who was Scott Piloli's top scout in New England.  Not surprisingly, the Patriots are not the same without those two in charge.  And finally, they found Mike Smith to be their coach.

So, both teams changed their hierarchy, and put people in place to run the football operation.  In 2008, both teams went 11-5 and lost in the first round of the playoffs.  Sparano and Smith split the coach of the year honors.

Then last year, the Falcons went 9-7, and the Dolphins 7-9.  This year, the Falcons are 4-1, and the Dolphins 2-2.

But if you get a chance, watch a Falcons game.  The team they have there is seriously good.  They've got talent everywhere, and have depth.  Their special teams plays as well as anyone's, they have a good running game, and a very good third-year QB in Matt Ryan.  There's no quit in them, and I suspect they'll go far this year.  11 wins is probably well within their reach.

Would I say they're "better" than the Dolphins?  Its hard to say, but probably.  I'll be interested to see how they both net out at the end of the year...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bill Parcells

Reading the articles about Bill being ready to leave and fishing for a new job got me to thinking: has he actually helped the team?

I mean, the guy has been here for 2+ years, and he took a 1-15 franchise and inserted his own guys, and remade the roster (I think we're at about 70% new players).  And maybe the Cam team was just plain bad - or maybe it was mostly unlucky or somewhat uncoached.  Can we look at the results and say the 2010 team is *that* much better top-to-bottom than the 2007 team.

I just don't know.

And it will be interesting to see what happens if/when Parcells leaves.  If  Sparano is 9-7 this season, and therefore has a medicore overall record - is that a success?

And will Ross hire someone else who wants his own people?  Or does he stick with Ireland and Sparano?

Uncertain times are ahead for a team that ain't won nutin' since Reagan was president (okay they were in a championship game when GW Bush was president).  And almost every team in the AFC has been in a championship game in that span.  How is that possible??

And so it begins

The Jets are 4-1, and ESPN this morning asked "are they living up to the hype?"  and naturally answered it as yes.

And I had some thoughts on that as well.

#1: now that the Jets are on the rise, that means that the Bills (4 superbowl appearances), Patriots (18-1 and a couple of other championships), the Colts (who were in the same division the last time Miami made it to the big dance, and have been at the top of their game for a while now) and now the Jets have all had their moment in the sun....and all since the last time the Dolphins were....relevant.  As a Dolphins fan, that sucks!

#2: The Jets, while talented, lack hubris.  The football gods like humble, and not bragging/boasting/etc.  I have to believe that their attitude will catch up with them, and the football gods will exact a form of 'punishment' (say a costly interception or missed field goal) at a point that matters.

And #3: this Jets team is talented,  and is pretty much better than the Dolphins position-by-position.  Sanchez is a better QB than Henne, hands down.  I think their group of receivers is better.  I'd argue that the running backs are better.  And certainly, their special teams are better. 

What I find interesting is that Brad Smith - who has been with them since '06 - is pretty much what the Dolphins were hoping to get out of Pat White (or at least what Dolphins fans were hoping to get out of him).  He can run the wildcat, he can catch, he can run, he can throw, and he can return kicks.  He played QB as Missouri, and took the same basic path that White did to get to the NFL.  And the Jets got a gem, and the Phins....well, I was going to say got a Lemon, but they had one of those, too, a couple of years ago. 

And as I say, as a Dolphins fan, this is frustrating!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Armando Salguero has an article in this morning's Herald where he talks about the team.  In it, he exempts a handful of players from criticism because they did their jobs.  The list is correct, with one exception: Yeremiah Bell.

Bell *deserves* criticism for his play against the Jets. As I pointed out, he was out of position, got smoked on two TDs, and had several passes that he should have swatted/picked/whatever.  At least in that game, he was part of the problem, not someone who was playing well.

I know, maybe Armando was over in club LIV and missed Bell's play.

Sipping on Ginn

I watched the 49ers play last night, as Ted Ginn returned to the lineup.  What I saw was exactly what Dolphins fans had come to expect in years past: he had a couple of decent returns to put the 49ers in good spots.  Then, he ran a deep route and the ball was slightly underthrown.  He made no play to try and get to it and the defender picked it off; Ginn did make contact to end the play, after the player fell.  Later, there was another pass directed at him, but it appeared that he ran a different route - based on facial expressions, I suspect it was Ginn who was wrong.

Ah yes, we miss him so.

Or not.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

And then there were none

The 72 Fins probably will be known as the ONLY team to ever go unbeaten/untied as the Chiefs lost today to end the current NFL threat.

And with the NFL likely moving to 18 games, it seems a near certainty that it will never happen again.

Way to go Perfectos.

Something new for fans...

I want to offer a photo-sharing community where you can share your best Fins photos.  Be sure that you own the copyright, and upload away!