Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wanker of the Week

He was the marked man.

Maybe he's nothing more than a scapegoat, and the problems really are deeper.  But John Bonamego is clearly - CLEARLY - this week's wanker of the week.  Obviously, his special teams weren't ready on this night. 

A blocked punt. 

A blocked Field Goal that's returned for a TD.

A kick returned for a TD.

And all the while, Miami had no positive special teams play.

That is a performance to be remembered as the low-water mark for special teams.

What gets me is that we've known for 2 years what this guy is, and yet he's still here.  And we don't have a bona fide kick returner.  And several punts have been blocked between the pre- and regular- seasons.  Its a freakin disaster.

I would also like to thank the Wannstache for contributing to the problem since he fired Mike Westhoff, who really is a good coordinator.  (to be fair, its unlikely that he would have stuck around through Saban and Cameron, but you never know!)

Hurricanes game

The first half of the UM / FSU just ended.  After watching it, I came to the conclusion that it was nice of the Hurricanes to let the Dolphins play for them and get a little extra work in.

It looked about the same as the Dolphins playing the other night, didn't it?

I'll take that as a win (of sorts)

The Phins may have a bye, but there was a game that made me smile:  Nicky Saban's Crimson Tide lost today, and will drop from that #1 spot in the polls. 

Awww shucks, that's too bad. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Randy Moss

If there was one thing that amused me about monday - and believe me at this point I'll take *anything* - its that Randy Moss apparently went crazy in the locker room after the game because he didn't have a catch.  You're supposed to be a team player, and you were a decoy in this case, and your team won by a nice margin.  And all you care about is your own stats?

Shoot, why couldn't this have affected him *before* the game?

Anyway, he gets traded for 3rd and 7th round picks to the Vikings.  That's more than the 4th round pick the Pats gave up to get him several years ago.

And its also less than the Patriots gave up to get Wes Welker (2nd and 7th).  Heading into this game, I heard people grumbling it was one of the worst player trades in Dolphins history, because the guy is so productive.  Given the assorted trades for wideouts, I can hardly blame Saban/Mueller on this one.  They got a *deal* for Welker.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"THAT'S MY DOG" Calendar Launch Party - October 11, 2010

Attached is a "Save the Date" card for an event we are having in connection with the "THAT'S MY DOG" calendar -- Channing and his teammates with their dogs.  This is a charity event benefitting the Humane Society of Broward County and the Sun Sentinel Childrens Fund.  The guys who do not have a dog in South Florida did their photo shoot with a Humane Society dog (to showcase the beautiful dogs that are available at the Humane Society). 
You can purchase tickets online by clicking below:
I hope you will consider attending the event, and please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested.  Thank you!!! 

Pauline Crowder






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What a rant ...

The language is most definitely not PG but the author does a nice job of expressing how most dolphins fans feel today. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Chads

A report surfaced today that the Dolphins are considering benching Chad Henne in favor of Chad Pennington, and promoting Tyler Thigpen to the #2 spot - essentially ending the rising career of Henne in Miami.

Sparano heard about it and gave his endorsement to Henne and said something like "I suppose you guys have more information than I do."

Let me re-iterate that I am not particularly a fan of Henne's, and now he is 9-8 and has more interceptions than TDs, which isn't great....but its also not all his fault.  I would like to see more from him, but at this point I think you have to "dance with the one that brung ya" and stick with him unless / until the team falls completely back out of contention.  Then, you make the change to Thigpen.

Hey, just my opinion.

Bono is gone-o

Packing his winnebago is Bonamego:

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano announced he has "moved on" from special teams coach John Bonamego, replacing him with special teams assistant Darren Rizzi.

Special teams breakdowns came in a "tidal wave" on Monday night in a 41-14 loss to the New England Patriots, Sparano said after the game, but this had been an ongoing problem.

"This was a tough decision," Sparano said. "I thank Bono for all he's done. Players need to take responsibility too."

Turn up the heat?

I'm starting to sense that the Miami Heat are moving more into everyone's mind as the Dolphins start to stumble.

A friend of mine who was a long time season ticket holder for the Phins told me last night "man, I am so glad I gave up my Dolphins tickets this year - and picked up Heat tickets!"

Holy moley, is that where we're going?


Our very own wanker suggests that there were so many wankers in the game that its hard to pin it all on one guy.  And Bonemago is the obvious and popular choice, the wanker thinks it should go down thusly:

Bill Bellicheat disrespected Dan Marino in Marino's own house by trying the fake spike late in the first half.  That makes him a wanker!

John Bonamego

Seriously.  He has to go. 

Maybe in that case, he is nothing more than a scapegoat, but it does send a clear message to the team and the fans.

And, if he doesn't, then I believe that Sparano has to go.  Because not letting go of Bonamego would indicate that Sparano is not taking charge, in which case he shouldn't be here.

And if Parcells, er, umm, Ireland doesn't do it, then Ross should send a clear message by telling Parcells to keep his money but that he is no longer welcome at the team HQ, and then put someone else over Ireland to take control over what is could become a mess.

Not so special teams

After thinking about for a couple of minutes, I think that the Dolphins should simply abandon their special teams.  Look, if they're not going to put any effort into it, why bother even having them at all?

They could release Fields as the punter, and simply never punt.  Then, when the other team punts, they can play defense against them, and just let the ball bounce around, and start there.  You don't need a field goal kicker; always go for it on fourth down, even in close, and you can go for two.  On kickoffs, you have to have someone out there -assuming you score- so you could just squib everything, or simply kick out of bounds and give the other team the ball at the 40.

The only thing is that you'd have to have a returner.  But whoever he is, he can always down it in the endzone, run out of bounds, or call a fair catch. 

It seems like a better alternative to me if you really don't want to try out there anyway!


Monday, October 04, 2010

Are you freaking kidding me?

A blocked FG for a TD as well????

What the????

Come to think of it...

...If I were Stephen Ross, I might head down to the sideline and fire Bonnemago and all of his assitants and warn Sparano that he needs to put some freakin' attention on special teams.


If I were Tony Sparano

There are just under 2 minutes gone in the 2nd half, and already Miami allowed a kick return for a TD, and a blocked punt - that led to another TD.

If I were coach Sparano, I would fire [edit: John] Bonnemago right there on the spot. Tell him to get off the field, and head right over to training camp and clear out his desk and locker.

Dude. That was absolutely pathetic. I'm pretty sure Miami lost the game during that sequence of events.


Bill Bellicheat.  An aging Randy Moss.  The long-haired Tom Brady.

Against the Dolphins in Miami.

I'll go out on a limb: Dolphins 24, Patriots 21.

We'll see.