Saturday, October 02, 2010

That was quite a week...

There were a few interesting twists and turns this week that bear looking back on...

  • The Phins underestimated the number of cars that would be at the stadium. It turns out that there were a large number of people who tailgated throughout the game without ever going into the stadium. That meant that the lots filled up and a number of season ticket holders holding valid parking passes were either forced to park farther away and pay for parking again, or they simply missed the game altogether. The phins want to make good on those that had to pay twice and apologized for the confusion.

  • When they decided to open club LIV, they had to relocate a (fairly small) number of ticket holders who had seats that were to be converted. They weren't too happy with the outcome, especially since they purchased licences for those seats. But that's not so much of a concern to the management we don't think, because that's a small group, and they're making 10x that on admission to this "nightclub."

  • On the field, you had DL Tony McDaniel suspended for one game for using a banned substance. There was a small mixup, and it was supposed to be for the Jets game, but the Dolphins didn't know about it; he'll be out for the Pats.

  • Erik Walden was brought back a few weeks ago to provide depth, then he missed the key block on the punt that got blocked, and was cut on Tuesday

  • Brandon Marshall was called out on the NFL Network for not trying hard enough at the end. Marshall felt the need to respond which was kind of amusing. Dude had 10 catches on the night, including a long one that set the team up at the 11...WTF????

  • Sparano called out the special teams and said he was thinking of sticking starters out there!

  • Channing Crowder still has his issue, and was sent to see a specialist. It is believed that he has some kind of sports hernia, but so far its speculation. Weird, though, that he's missed three games (and will probably miss a fourth). Why didn't they just stick him on the PUP for the first 6 weeks?

  • The wildcat was assailed this week in the media. Has it run out of gas? Will the Dolphins shelve it? Does it break the rhythm? It goes to show you that the media didn't have too much to say this week...

  • John Jerry had a stomach flu last week, and missed three days of practice, and didn't suit up Sunday night. This week, he was limited in practice. That must have been one heck of a stomach flu.

  • Its back to court for OJ McDuffie. He was relieved when the verdict came down and his dealings with the Dolphins medical staff was finally over and he was awarded $11 million....this week, on appeal, the judge ordered a retrial. Its already been more than a decade since OJ last suited up. I guess his grandkids will enjoy whatever inheritance he might get when this finally does end.

  • Away from the phins, there was a story about Chad Ochocinco having a box of cereal produced with some proceeds going to charity, and a number appearing on the box for people to make additional donations. Except that the number printed was to a sex line instead of the charity. Oops. He did take responsibility and apologize, but earlier in the day he was quoted as saying "start your day with a little sugar!"
  • Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Madden Mondays: Monday Night Football


    One of the truly great days of the year is upon us - Monday Night Football.

    Wanted to loop you in on something EA Mobile is doing to give football fans a chance to win an ipod shuffle each week of the season. To be eligible, users of the Madden NFL 11 game on iPod touch, iPhone & iPad simply need to play out the Monday Night matchup on their device, screenshot the final score and post to Twitter. The entry that's closest to actual score gets the shuffle.

    Here's a link to the official rules and regs:

    Here's a sample screenshot we posted on the EA Mobile Facebook page:

    We have also attached a brand new Screen shot for the game. 

    Thought you'd like to let your readers and fellow fans of the Miami Dolphins Know.

    Hope you can post,

    Week #3 - the Jets

    I think its obvious this week that Yeremiah "was a bullfrog" Bell has his picture hanging over the mantel at Wanker Hall.

    Bell appeared to be confused by Mark Sanchez!  An established vet being confused by a rookie QB, yeah there's a guy who was trying too hard.

    He was frequently out of position, and trying to do too much on his own.  He was in coverage on Keller's first TD, was a part of the double coverage on Keller's second TD, and was the deep help on Edward's TD.  So in effect, he was the coverage guy who allowed all three passing TDs.

    Last year, the tight ends ate up Miami and we were blaming Wilson, Ayodele, and others.  This year, the tight ends are eating up Miami and those guys are gone and Bell is still here.  That would mean that Bell is a.....wanker!

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Looking back at the game

    I decided to re-watch the game, because I wanted to understand what went wrong (and right!) with the Fins on Sunday night.

    For starters, I have to agree that coaching played a rather large role in the game.  At times, Sparano seemed to be, I dunno, "afraid" of making a mistake or doing something that would mess up the balance of the game.  And, as we saw in several games last year, he had the team unprepared for the *start* of the game.  While they played well down the stretch, allowing 7 points very early and 14 points before actually doing anything themselves was kind of silly at the pro level.

    Then there were the coordinators.  I'm not entirely sure what the deal was on offense at times.  With 8:56 left, Miami got the ball back at midfield, trailing 24-20.   The plays went incomplete pass, pass for 14, a wildcat play that lost 6, incomplete pass, pass for 10, and then at the 32 Miami kicked the field goal.  2 minutes went off the clock, and Miami didn't really run, and it almost seemed like they were in hurry up mode.  And that particular wildcat play was a waste - the handoff to Cobbs was sloppy and the blocking was bad.

    This was a point at which they need a TD.

    Then consider the last series where Miami needed 8.  They had a first at 10 at the 11.  2 timeouts remaining, 56 seconds on the clock.  The 4 downs went: incomplete pass (short of the endzone), scramble for 1 yard, a pass to Brown in the flat that gained 5, and then it was a pass that Henne tried to force into Fasano at the goal line. 

    What we needed here was either a running play to move the defense - we had two stinking timeouts!.  Or passes into the endzone.  We got neither.  Some creativity would have been nice, as well.

    Defensively, we didn't see as much formation variation or blitzing as we had seen in weeks past.  What we did see were some unusual alignments - like the safeties deep or shallow which I presume was intended to confuse Sanchez, but didn't.  Yes, the Jets have a lot of talent on offense, but I think Nolan didn't attack the weakest point in Sanchez.

    And then there was not-so-special teams.  Obviously the blocked punt was a mess.  But there were a fair number of missed assignments around the field, and the aggressiveness wasn't there.  Bonemago was outcoached by Westhoff - which was not the case last season.

    Now as for the players, the wanker of the week belongs to Yeremiah Bell.  There were the two plays I mentioned as the game was in progress.  But there was also the Edwards TD - Bell was the deep safety to that side in what looked like a two-deep zone.  Only, when the play started, Bell was too deep AND he committed to the other side along with Clemons.  So, when Jason Allen fell down, he had no help.  What was up with that?

    This, frankly, is the effort I expected after seeing them play in the preseason.  But I thought after seeing their first two games they had cleared up most of this and were better prepared.  They weren't.

    And its no wonder they lost.

    Gloria Estefan Makes Daring Escape - Video - WPLG Miami'

    This was amusing and related to the halftime show at sunday's game

    > The link:

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Out with the with the new

    Here's the summary of how the displaced players performed compared with the new guys:
    Wake had a decent day.  Misi didn't do much.  JT recorded a sack and got booed, and got a gatorade shower.  J-Peasy got a forced fumble and a sack.  Advatange to the old guys.
    Greg Camarillo had two catches.  Marlon Moore had zip.  Small advantage to Camarillo.
    And on kick returns, well, the Phins parted ways with their new guy (Smith) and instead used Cobbs and Bess, who were okay.  Better than Smith anyway.  Ted Ginn, jr, did not play.  So advantage to the newer phins.

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    Half numero dos

    Miami starts a drive, and uh-oh, Ricky fumbles (again!!!) except that its overturned on review (thankfully!!)....the drive stays alive, Miami gets something going - and going well - using a nice mix of run, pass, and wildcat.  And Brandon Marshall catches a pass at the 7 and dekes and ducks into the endzone.  Beautimous.
    I was gonna make a comment about how we haven't seen the drunk (Edwards) to this point; I think they were waiting for him to sober up.  Then, he gets the first play after the kickoff and goes the distance.  BTW, Jason Allen was in coverage and did slip on the newly sodded area of the field.
    No worries though, as we learned what Marshall does well....and its something that Ted Ginn, Jr could never do: go up and make the tough catch.  They get down as far as the one, but have to settle for a field goal.
    And then there was more poor tackling on display.   But at least no points were scored.  I was amused that they played "Fins to the Left" as they went to commercial after a nice play by Cameron Wake....
    After the troubles they had with the punting game in the preseason, and the fact that they were matched up against Mike Westhoff, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the Jets would block one, should I?  Naturally it led to a score, in spite of the Jets' own ineptitude.  Miami had to try hard to let them off the hook!
    Its 24-20, Jets.
    Miami did nada, but pinned the Jets deep.  Jason Allen appeared to come away with a pick, but actually didn't.  Too bad, that woulda been a game changer.
    Miami had another chance, but Brandon Marshall fell down on the newly sodded portion of the field as well.  Still, a field goal here is good.
    But then the defense decides to let the Jets use up the clock, on something like a 7 minute drive that could have ended several times.  But didn't.  Langford had what should have been an easy pick.  Jason Allen misplayed a ball.  And there was a pass interference that Collinsworth went on about - "its the right call, he never turned his head."  Except that was BOGUS because he did turn and played the ball well.  If anything, it should have been offensive interference...It was basically a disaster....
    31-23 is where it stood with just under two minutes left.  Miami with just under 70 yards to go.  They got a couple of fantastic plays and wound up at about the 10.  There's still a came down to 4th and 4 at the 7.  Could Miami pull this one out?  Of course not.
    The Jets win, and there are three teams at 2-1 in the division.
    Let's be honest with ourselves here: we can deal with the Fins losing and being 2-1...just not to these wankers.
    Ahhh well.  Life goes on.
    BTW, I am reminded that I predicted the teams in the east would beat each other up all season and someone would win it at 9-7.  And so far, that seems to be true.

    SNF Extra

    NBC promotes its "Sunday Night Extra" which provides different camera angles, stats, etc.
    I decided to check it out.
    The concept was great, kind of like Fan Vision for home use.  Except.  It wouldn't come up for the longest time.  It said "starting" for much of the first quarter, then it came up.  It was maybe 5 minutes of real time behind the TV broadcast.  And throughout the evening, it kept buffering and falling farther behind.  As the Jets scored early in the 4th quarter, the broadcast hadn't reached halftime.
    It was very odd, indeed.

    The first half...

    So how is it that you let the Jets have a 6 minute drive that ends in a TD to start the game? And you let them off the hook several times on third-and-long?  Yeremiah Bell got dusted for the TD, but he also had a key non-play earlier in the drive: Sanchez looked at his receiver the whole stinking time, and as the pressure mounted, he threw to *that* guy.  Bell was in coverage, but could do nothing about it.
    Then Miami goes three and out.  Tremendous start.
    Trade a few punts, and the Jets actually move the ball a little; the Dolphins not so much.  There's a sack by JT (boo!).  And then the Jets get the ball back a few plays later.  It's second and long, and Chris Clemons has a stupid play where he hits the receiver, who clearly couldn't make the catch, and the Jets are in good position again.  Momentum swings their way, and they score again.  14-0.
    Crap.  Miami's in trouble.
    Then, Miami got moving.  They got a GREAT play into Davone Bess at the sidelines that was clearly out of bounds, but Miami was smart enough to get to the line quickly and get another play off.  And they were lucky enough to get away with a Williams fumble on said play.  The drive kept going...and Henne found Fasano for a score!  A 7-point deficit, I can deal with that...
    On the ensuing kickoff what was #27 (Benny Sapp) doing, exactly?  He didn't, technically, make an attempt to make a play.  The Jets got great field position.  Nevertheless, Miami held off the Jets for that series.
    Miami got the ball back and managed to generate a drive that was good enough, and ended in a field goal.  The Jets got one more shot at it, and Miami's tackling was not so good, and that gave the Jets the chance at a long field goal.
    So the half winds down with Miami trailing 14-10.  Could be worse, I suppose.

    And Miami gets the ball to start half number two....

    I hate the network "rules"

    This week, the early games on TV were the Cowboys-Texans and Titans-Giants.  Both were essentially blowouts, while close, hard fought matches were being played in other cities that the networks could have switched to.  They didn't.
    When the Giants game ended, they switched to the end of the Bills-Patriots 8-point contest, but all we saw were kneel downs.
    When the Texans game ended, they went to commercial, and came back to "wrap it up" then went to the studio.  Meanwhile, you had what appeared to be a pretty good game going on in New Orleans.  The tying score was made *after* the Texans game ended, but we weren't shown that.
    But they did send us to it as OT started.  Only, the rules are that they have to stop coverage at 4:15.  At about 4:14, the Saints lined up for a field goal.  My biggest fear was that they'd cut away right then.  But they didn't...and the Saints kicker missed.  And now its after 4:15, so back to the studio they went.
    Man did that suck.

    The Tuna

    Mike Beradino had a Question recently about Parcells.  In a nutshell he hasn't seen him around the practice facility since he announced he was moving to a consulting role.  He also directs us to this article:
    But here's another little nugget: as we hear it, Parcells wanted to outright leave/quit/retire at the beginning of the month.  But he decided not to because he was afraid that Ross might want to "go in another direction" and hire his own person (or people), which might mean that Ireland and Sparano would be endangered.  So, he took the reduced role to try and prevent this.

    lest we forget...

    Fat man said the Jets will go 2-0 against the Dolphins this season.
    Time to make him eat more than just that double bacon cheeseburger, and get him to eat his words.
    BTW - Darrelle Revis was listed as OUT on Friday's official report, which means that under NFL rules he can not play in tonight's game; the injury report on Friday is binding when it comes to players listed as out.