Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crowder out?

He's still hurt, and won't play this week - or likely next week, either.

I'm surprised that the Phins didn't go ahead and cut him, given their tendency not to wait for players to heal...

Friday, September 10, 2010


The story goes that Bill Parcells has some success with a team, then he leaves and he does things to make sure they're worse off than when he was there.  That's the facts, jack.
So Miami is no exception.  He now says he's "disappointed" in Henne.  Pat White is playing baseball.  Pretty much every big-name free agent brought in before this year is now elsewhere.  Jason Allen is starting ahead of Smith.  Koa Misi has been demoted. 
Why does he do it?  So his legacy remains - he is the reason teams got good, and without him they're not so good.

Wait. Is this the same team?

A whole day passed, and the Dolphins didn't release any players, coaches, or front office personnel.
But because I'm a fan, I fired my gardner.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

FIFA World Cup

Basically FIFA told the USA committee that Miami had to be included in the pitch to host a world cup in the USA in 2018 or 2022, due to the weather and the beaches. And of course the ratings in this years world cup. 

FIFA visited on Wednesday, and was here for about 3 hours. They went to Joe Robbie stadium and it was setup for soccer.  Mike Dee pitched the stadium and how it could lose the baseball changes and be ready for soccer. He also showed the same artist renderings we all saw previously. 

The FIFAers then flew with Dee and others to Miami beach to look at the convention center - where the draw would be held. They went via helicopter to take in the view of the beach. 

I hear FIFA was very impressed and it seems likely the USA will get 2018 or 2022, so long as Miami is in the mix. 

Interestingly, I think the stadium renovations were intentionally included - saying the stadium will be 30 years old - so that there is another potential funding source to have it done.

On the record

I am going to go on the record and say that the only championship Rex Ryan will win is a pie eating contest.


Apparently will Allen asked for an injury settlement so he could seek employment elsewhere.

The dolphins said no and left him on ir.

Possible reason? The pats are thin at corner and inquired as to his status

comings and goings (and a thought)...

I hear they've put in a revolving door at the team facility, all the better to allow players to quickly enter and exit.
Yesterday, they signed a kick returner, and got rid of one of the no-experience offensive linemen
Today, they cut last year's starting center - Jake Grove - because he's "injury prone" and re-signed Corey Proctor. 

That's fine, and all, but just what is going over at Dolphins camp?
All three interior starters from game one in '09 are no longer with the team. as for the comment, I want to go back to when Stephen Ross took over the team.  Rumors were abundant that Bill Parcells might step down.  And then, just before the season, Ross re-did Parcells' contract to let him go whenever.  In a statement, Parcells said something about the fact that he would never step down on the eve of the season, because it might be distracting to the team.
And then he did just that this year.
But what's peculiar about it is that they made a statement at all.  If "nothing changes" then why even bother to mention it?  Just leave it as the status quo, and sometime late in the season when someone asks about Bill, they could simply say "Jeff's in charge, has been for some time."
Oh, and then there's this nugget of info.  Apparently, no one other than Parcells and Ireland (and Ross?) knew about this transition plan.  It came as a shock to pretty much everyone in Davie (team operations) and at the stadium (non-team functions).  So it was planned but ultra top secret.
As Jim Mandich might say "I put it to my nose, and it doesn't smell too rosey."

stat of the day

The Dolphins have lost five straight in Buffalo and six of their past seven visits. The lone exception was a 17-7 win in 2003.
That game was played on Sept. 21, the only other time since a Sept. 1, 1991 trip to Buffalo that the Dolphins have played at the Bills before October.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How do you like that?

The players voted on the team captains, and they are: Yeremiah Bell, Karlos Dansby, Jake Long and Patrick Cobbs.
Who's missing from that list?  Yep.  Chad Henne.
Wouldn't you expect him to be a captain??!!

Photo Store

The Miami Dolphins have launched their official online photo store. For the first time in the team's history, fans may visit the store and purchase official photos for home wall art, gifts or office decorations.  The official photo store of the offers more than 150 images captured by the Dolphins' official award-winning photographers. Photos including images of Dolphins players, game action, cheerleaders, special events and Sun Life Stadium are available. New photos will be added within an hour of the conclusion of each Dolphins game!


To celebrate the grand opening of the photo store, fans will receive a complimentary photo of their choice!


 Just visit:

More on tuna

Someone emailed to ask why parcells was fired. I shot back "no canned tuna here. Parcells quit"

This is a most peculiar story from the 3-sentence press release to the timing to Harvey Greene assuring the media that "nothing changes" and telling everyone parcells was upstairs breaking down game film at that very moment.

And of course the news captured the national attention but they got the same blank look from the phins.

And there are already rumors about carl petersen swirling.

From the onion

here's their opinion of the Dolphins this season:

Miami Dolphins

  • Strength: With a new big-name free agent and a talented young quarterback, Miami has the potential to disappoint like never before
  • Weakness: A common sleeper pick among analysts; few things spell your demise quite as surely as that
  • Player To Watch: LeBron James should play his first game at tight end roughly halfway through the season
  • Intangibles: Already boasting loads of beautiful women and the NBA's most talented assemblage of players, Miami needs only to win the Super Bowl to really send a f@%&$-you to the rest of the nation,18023/?slide=3





Dolphins AWAY Games Are No Longer Far From HOME As DOWNTOWN BOCA Becomes FINSTOWN THIS SUNDAY, SEPT. 12th



Free Community Event To Feature Unique Fan Experiences, Including A Downtown Boca Dolphins Junior Training Camp

Coached By Dolphins and UM Alum Twan Russell, Pre-Game Pep Rally And Chances To Win Home Game Family Four Packs, Dolphins Jersey, Autographed Football and Helmet Plus More


WHAT: South Florida's Biggest Away Game Party Hosted By and In Downtown Boca For Dolphins Season Opener To Draw Finatics From Miami to Jensen Beach as fans of all ages and their families, friends and colleagues are invited to cheer on their South Florida home team during the first Dolphins game of the 2010 season against the Buffalo Bills. Serving as the official kick-off of Downtown Boca's new Super Sundays programming that will include a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year, the Dolphins and Downtown Boca are teaming up to host free and open-to-the-public festivities, including meet-and-greets, autographs and photos with Dolphins alumni including Manny Fernandez, performances by Dolphins Cheerleaders, and plenty of music, entertainment, games, giveaways and game watching. The youngest fans can play at the Dolphins Bounce House and register to participate in the Downtown Boca Dolphins Gatorade Jr. Training Camp with Dolphin Alum Twan Russell, while both young and older can test their skills at the Dolphins Football Toss.  Throughout the day, attendees will be entertained by stilt walkers and power skippers, plus get the chance to be photographed with a "live" bronze football player statue and view the game on TV screens in and about activity areas. Alumni, cheerleaders, and Fins Force will be sharing the Fins spirit as they make the rounds visiting shops and participating restaurants.


WHEN/WHERE: This Sunday, Sept. 12th Beginning at 12 Noon in Downtown Boca at Mizner Park's "50 yard line" (at Grand Center Fountain) with activity areas throughout Mizner Park.




•  Pre-game Pep Rally is set to feature Dolphins alumni, cheerleaders, and Fins Force plus chances to win one of 15 home game Family Four Packs.


•  Party Revs Up For Families As Dolphins and UM Alum TWAN RUSSELL Coaches 200 Youth In Downtown Boca Junior Training Camp Complete With Offensive and Defensive Drills-Boys and girls from second to fifth grade can register and participate in the on-site Downtown Boca Dolphins Gatorade Jr. Training Camp that will commence immediately following the pep rally festivities. Emphasizing education, physical fitness and positive choices for kids in a safe and fun environment, the activities include both offensive and defensive drills including hurdles, knock-away dummies, ladders and halfback pads just like the Miami Dolphins players. Children can choose also to participate in a non-contact football obstacle course. To participate, a parent or guardian must register their child on and print and fill out the online waiver and bring to the event.


Plenty of trivia and interactive games with prizes, including "Win It In A Minute" type activities, and contests will be held throughout the afternoon during which participants can win a variety of prizes.  These include Dolphins home game tickets, an autographed Jersey, autographed helmet and football, year-long subscription to Dolphin Digest, etc.


FOR MORE INFO:  Visit where visitors can also sign up for Facebook and Twitter to receive all Downtown Boca news.  







Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The spin

The dolphins clarified that bill moved from the vp role to a consultancy role and that jeff Ireland assumed bills old responsibility.

Further they said that this was planned all along and nothing really changes.

Why am I having trouble believing that?

Parcells beat me to the punch

This morning I was saying that I'd call for parcells to step down if the phins struggled.

Today he stepped down.

I can't help but wonder if this had anything to do with cost cutting on the team.

Parcells beat me to the punch

I mentioned earlier today that I would call for parcells' resignation if things didn't work out.

And then today, he stepped down. Lends credence to the thought that Ross was trying to trim the budget, doesn't it?

Jason Allen

Tony Sparano thinks Jason Allen is finally ready to start, and so he will be starting Sunday in place of Sean Smith.

So the guy wallows under 3 coaches - including this one - but suddenly he's ready?

Call me skeptical.

I wonder what's in the water in Davie these days.....

More changes

The phins cut Charlie Anderson - who until the end of the last preseason game was a contender for a starting job - and brought in lb Bobby Carpenter who was a draft pick of (who else?) Bill Parcells when he was in Dallas.

I'm still scratching my head

...about the roster changes.

I can only think of two possibilities:
(1) they are trying to contain costs, and this came down from Stephen Ross.  I find this unlikely based on Parcell's stance that he wants to buy the groceries.

(2) they have decided that they need to build for the future.  And if that's the case, I have a problem with that. 

This is year three of - what? - a 6 year plan?  That's not good enough.  I want results *NOW* not in another 3 years from now.  We're in year 3 with this regime.  If the tem struggles and winds up below 8-8 (or is headed in that direction), I will be the first to call for Parcells' resignation.  I'm not happy with him as it is (remember he hasn't won bupkis in 20 years), and this just strikes me as a slap in the face to the fans....

Monday, September 06, 2010

Roster cuts and the draft

A lot was made of the Phins dropping two players from last year's draft that were high draft picks.  But the reality is that this is not that uncommon.  Partly, this has to do with the pressure that's put on the team and the draft picks because of the salary they get just for having been drafted in that position.  But that's another discussion.

Right now, let's take a look back at the drafts dating back to 2005, to see how those players have fared to today:

We start with Saban's 1st draft, where 67% of the players are no longer on the roster:
Ronnie Brown - the incumbent
Matt Roth DE - cut
Channing Crowder OLB - solid contributor
Travis Daniels CB - long gone
Anthony Alabi T - longer gone
Kevin Vickerson DT - longest gone

Saban's second draft: (85% gone)
Jason Allen DB - special teams contributor, may start
Derek Hagan WR - gone
Joseph Toledo T - gone
Fred Evans DT -gone
Rodrique Wright DT - gone
Devin Aromashodu WR - gone
Overall, that means that 75% of Saban's draft picks are no longer with team

Of course, Cam only had one draft, and 80% of his players are gone
Ted Ginn Jr. WR -gone
John Beck QB - gone
Samson Satele C - gone
Lorenzo Booker RB - gone
Paul Soliai DT - solid contributor
Reagan Mauia FB - gone
Drew Mormino C - gone
Kelvin Smith LB - gone
Brandon Fields P - solid punter
Abraham Wright LB - gone

And now for the Triumverate:

Ireland's first: ([edit: 55%] gone or on IR)
Jake Long T - probably the team MVP
Phillip Merling DE - on IR
Chad Henne QB - the starter
Kendall Langford DE - solid contributor
Shawn Murphy G - gone
Jalen Parmele RB - gone
Donald Thomas G - gone
Lex Hilliard RB - decent reserve
Lionel Dotson DE - gone

Ireland's second: (44% gone)
Vontae Davis DB - solid starter
Pat White QB - gone
Sean Smith DB - decent player, may start
Patrick Turner WR - gone
Brian Hartline WR - starter
John Nalbone TE - made team
Chris Clemons DB - starter
Andrew Gardner T - gone
J.D. Folsom LB - gone

This year's draft: (38% did not make team, or are on IR)
Jared Odrick DT - likely starter
Koa Misi DE - made team
John Jerry OT - likely starter
A.J. Edds LB - on IR
Nolan Carroll CB - made team
Reshad Jones SS - made team
Chris McCoy DL  - gone
Austin Spitler LB - gone
And that means that Ireland overall has 46% of his draftees who are no longer on the team.  That's not spectacular, either, but is fairly consistent with the NFL (okay, its on the lower end, but its typical)

My prediction

I think the Dolphins will be in the 8-8 or 9-7 range. The games against the east opponents being the difference. And I think 9-7 is good enough to win the division this year...

Preseason awards

The winners of the preseason awards for 2010 are....(drum roll)

Guy with the best name: Nate Ness. I kept thinking of the Loch Ness montser whenever I heard about him. And I couldn't help but imaging Nessie out there playing football!

The Yatil Green award (as exemplified by Will Poole) - for the person who gets injured early in training camp: Phillip Merling was in trouble with the law, and then went down with an injury before camp even started. There were several other guys vying for the award, but he gets the nod for doing it first.

The Thurman Thomas award - for losing one's helmet during the preseason: it wasn't a helmet, but it was on his head...Kendall Langford's loss of a $50,000 earring during a late practice I think qualifies. So congrats to him.

Best cheerleader moment: There weren't any memorable moments, but I wanted an excuse to include a picture from tryouts.

And our preseason MVP: wow, with the performances we had, I guess it goes to field goal kicker Dan Carpenter who at least was consistent and hit a long one.

The unkindest of cuts

The final roster cuts, and additions to the team are nothing short of perplexing. I can't make heads or tails out of them, and as of last night, neither could Curt or Chris at (you can listen to that conversation in my latest podcast ).

It would seem the Dolphins went totally with youth. They now have 1 11-year player (Pennington), 1 10-year vet (Ricky), 6 guys with 7 years, 5 with 6 years, and everyone else is 5 or under. To me, that is very, very peculiar.

And add to that the fact that David Martin was gobbled up by the Bills, Patrick Turner went to the Jets, and no fewer than 8 teams made a claim on Nate Ness (and he ultimately went to the Seahawks), and you have to wonder if they made the "right" choices.

I guess we'll see on Sunday...


Given yesterday's "discovery" of the link between the Dolphins and the pudding company, and the fact that I'm a little punchy about all the "real" stuff that's happening with the fins, I decided to have a little fun and create a totally non-scientific (ie, made up) study of Dolphins' players' pudding preferences.

Call it a pudding pie chart.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Say what?

I was just on the Dolphins site, and an ad flashed by for "the official pudding of the Miami Dolphins."

More comings and goings

From the sentinel

A day after formulating their 53-man roster the Dolphins cut veteran
defensive linemen Marques Douglas and Charles Grant, offensive linemen
Cory Procter, and placed cornerback Will Allen on injured reserve.

Why did they abandon all four players, who served as insurance plans
for 2010? Because they poached four linemen off the waiver wire and
needed to make room for them.

The Dolphins landed defensive ends Clifton Geathers, a sixth-round
pick who was cut by the Browns, and Robert Rose, an undrafted free
agent from Ohio State who spent camp with the Seahawks, and offensive
linemen Joe Reitz and Jermey Parnell.

Cheerleader voting continues...

We've got the first round completed, and have the winner's bracket and loser's bracket.

We're continuing with the first grouping in the loser's bracket:
(optimized for your mobile phone!)

Check out the standings at