Saturday, June 19, 2010

Copa Mundial

The ratings are in...

And the highest market share for any market in the US for watching the world cup is....

Any guesses?


And yet the local sports teams (including the soccer clubs) simply don't draw.  Why?  Its like I said before: people love,love,love their national teams but don't give a hoot about pro franchises.

Its such a strange community...

She's been busy

Former Cheerleader Johanna Gomez has been busy.  She left the phins squad, then cheered on the Heat, then went to work in broadcasting.  She's an entertainment reporter for local channel 10 in Miami, does some work for LATV, and currently is hosting in-game entertainment for the Marlins.

You can check out more about her here:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fwd: You blog comment on Ronnie Brown not signing...

Our friend Curt over at corrected me on this one..

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Ronnie didn't sign because there was no point.   It's complicated, but basically the offer of $1.3 million or 110% of last year's salary is a no-brainer, since 110% of last year's salary for Ronnie is $3.9M.    So the team now has the option of "only" offering Ronnie $3.9M - I'm sure he's not upset about that and the team won't take away the $1.3M offer in favor of the 110% offer.    Nothing to be concerned about.

A more complete explanation is on the Palm Beach Post blog:

  Curt "Dolfan in New England" Fennell - 16 years of Dolphins' News!

Ronnie Brown

I'm finding the fact that Brown did not sign his tender yesterday somewhat intriguing, and I honestly don't know what to make of it.
Brown says not to reach too much into it, they're just negotiating on a long-term deal.  But the reality is that the offer automatically reduces to 110% of his 2009 salary...and in a way he may be screwed if negotiations break down.


Albert Haynesworth was offered the opportunity to become a free agent, or he could stay with the Redskins and collect a $21m bonus in April.  He chose the latter, with the express understanding he had to be a good team player and attend all workouts.
Now, Haynesworth is holding out and requesting a trade.  So he wanted to eat the proverbial cake, too.
The Skins have started a legal action against him.  And think they can recoup the (mega)bucks.  The NFL doesn't think so.  But there's an interesting precedent here, and that relates back to the Dolphins in the form of one Ricky Williams.
You may recall that when Ricky retired to go live in a tent, H Wayne decided to go after the bonus money he - and the Saints - paid him.  And H won.   The circumstances may be different, but its all about not living up to your contract.
If I were to guess, I'd say the Redskins will win.  We'll see.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Now that's funny

Someone (not me, darn!) hacked Darelle Revis' wikipedia entry, I suppose because they don't like the fact that he wants more money.  Among the things that were done, was to change his name to "Darrelle the greed Revis"
I like it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the QBs

The question of the day: Is Chad Pennington headed for Dolphins' PUP list?
My answer is YES.  There are reports he took very few reps in any of the OTAs, and was always talking to the younger guys.  Plus there was a report last week that the Dolphins "still don't know what to do with Pat White" and when asked if he would carry 4 QBs, Sparano said he doubted it but would wait and see. And when asked if White would change positions, he said no.
And of course, there are reports that White has increased his accuracy this offseason.  He said himself he was wildly uncomfortable to the schemes last season, and had hoped to be groomed more for the role - but circumstances were what they were.
I think the Phins will keep Pennington on the PUP and try again with White for a at least a few weeks.
We'll see.