Friday, April 30, 2010

a different spin

Does this change your opinion on the line of questioning?

Okay its a minor deal

But newly acquired Jets wideout didn't turn off his iPod on a flight,
as instructed. He was therefore met by police as a disruptive
passenger, and later released.

Here's to hoping that little things like that keep happening, and the
Jets season ends before it gets started.

(yeah, I'm being a hater)

Yo Momma so fat...

We have it on good authority that Jeff Ireland is planning on going
into comedy, using the old "Yo Momma" jokes as his patter.

Should be fun!!!

"Yo momma so fat when she sits around the house, she really sits
around the house!"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes these things stick with you...

Jeff got himself in a little trouble with a question he asked. And
for that, he's a wanker.


I was listening to Sedano on 790 as I drove to work today. He was
talking about how the Phins gave #54 to newcomer AJ Eddy and that it
didn't seem right. A caller said he wanted to "punch the Dolphins in
the face for their disrespect"....Sedano thought about it and then
suggested that he would be really offended if they gave #99 to someone
- ever.

Then, he went on a rant about how there could be some very funny
things you might see. Such as:
* Tony Sparano wearing Joe Robbie's glasses
* The Tuna wearing Dolfan Denny's hat

What do you guys think? What else might be funny?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Run, Ricky, Run

Ricky has his big premiere of Run, Ricky, Run which will be showing on ESPN's 30 for 30 over the next few weeks.

In honor of that, I'd like to point you back to this piece, which appeared on Inside the NFL a few years ago...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did they write notes on their hands and then wash them?

Dave Hyde wrote this in an article this morning:

"Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland related Misi's talent by saying he "terrorized" Alabama with three sacks in the 2009 Sugar Bowl. The player with three sacks that game was Stevenson Sylvester, whom Pittsburgh drafted in the fifth round Saturday.

Utah had eight sacks in that Sugar Bowl. Misi didn't have any. (Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith had one, though.)"

Which leads me to wonder about Ireland. Did they draft the wrong guy? Or is he confused? Did his dog eat his homework?