Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wrapping the draft

Its always so hard to rate these things. It can take years to get a sense of whether anyone really is any good, or if it was a waste of picks.

But if you think about needs, then Miami covered most of them.

Though what I find puzzling is that they went nearly all defense, save for the one o-lineman. No skill positions, and no kick returner.

I have to assume that when they assemble the list of free agent signees, we'll see some of them.

And Miami's Mr. Irrelevant

Is Austin Spitler. You know the Inside LB from THE Ohio State University. Yeah, that guy.

I really don't know much about this guy other than he's another guy who is going to be expected to contribute on special teams.

As the draft winds down...

....I wanted to remind everyone that I will be hosting a draft recap podcast show, sometime next week. The plan is to have Curt & Chris from on to review how the Dolphins fared.

I'll be sure and let you know when its ready!

pick #212

Miami picked up yet another DE/LB from Middle Tennessee, Chris McCoy.

Another guy who is a who dat, but will provide more depth and hopefully will help on defense.

We hear he's the real McCoy.

BTW, he's the guy on the front-end of the tackle, with MT on his helmet.

The "missing" 7th rounder

Apparently, Miami traded pick #219 earlier today as a part of the deal to move up and get Reshad Jones. It wasn't picked up immediately by most news organizations.

So Miami has 2 7th rounders.

okay here's how it goes

Miami had given up one of its 6th rounders to move up in the trade with Dallas, and they gave up their other in order to move up with New Orleans.

So there's no 6th rounder....but they have 3 in the 7th, including the nearly relevant pick that's four up from mr. irrelevant.

Later in round 5

Miami picked up S Reshad Jones. Clearly they needed a S, so this was a reasonable get.

And how bad could he be? He was on the cover of the NCAA football game!

(note: they traded with the Saints to get this pick, but we don't know what they gave up - yet!)

Round 5

Did we need a corner? I suppose to replace the departed nickel back.

So, Miami got Nolan Carroll out of Maryland.

The caption might be "me get football!"

BTW, he didn't play much last year as a senior because he broke his leg early in the year.

and next LB AJ Edds.

Another LB, this time, presumably to replace J Peasy. Okay, had you heard of him? I hadn't. But he appears to be a consensus big-time player, and may work out well.

They traded with Dallas to move up and get him, giving up a pick in a later round.

Something intriguing about all of the players selected thus far (aside from them all having been in the Senior Bowl): they all have graduated or will graduate this spring. That says something about their maturity, and that I like.

I like this guy already

John Jerry said in his conference call with the local media:
"Never had surgery on anything, I never had any shoulder problems. I
was healthy throughout my college career so I never had any injury

The added:
"I had hemorrhoids. That's the only thing."

Gotta love honesty!

[editors note: the big picture of Jerry is in tribute to the fact that
the dude is HUGE]


Coming into the offseason, Miami had certain needs. Lets see how
they've addressed those as they head into the 4th round of the draft:

WR: traded for Marshall. Check plus
TE: not addressed
NT: not addressed (unless you coun't moving Starks, which I don't - yet)
OLB: got a player. Check
S: not addressed


Randy Starks is now listed as the starting nose tackle for the Phins.

"We feel very good about Randy playing nose. We feel that probably one
of the best noses available was on our own team. "Randy has the body
type to be a nose, he's very powerful, he's got quick hands -- the
critical factors needed for a defensive linemen to play nose.'' so
says Jeff Ireland.

But I'm not sold on Starks at that position. He provides quality
depth, but two years ago, he replaced Ferguson for a few games (while
Ferguson was injured) and he played maybe about average in there. Who
knows? Making him a starter may motivate him...

Friday, April 23, 2010


In keeping with the theme of drafting who dats, and nothing flashy, the Phins made their next selection John Jerry, who is an OG/OT from Ole Miss.

I think when he comes to town, I'm going to pull a page from Newman's book and say "Hellooooo, Jerry!"

Following my logic

Assuming Miami stayed at #12, they should have drafted OT Bryan Bulaga.

Had someone came a-calling, and they dropped to #28, they should have taken QB Jimmy Clausen, and at #40 it would have been OT Bruce Campbell.

Sure its doesn't fit "needs" but those would provide quality depth.

Lets suppose they applied a small amount of logic, and didn't take a second player at the same position. At #40, the next best was DE Everson Griffen.

I can't help but wonder....what if....

In the NFL draft, you just made random selections? Would the results be any better?

Or maybe a team could be somewhat smart, and just run down the list of draft prospects, and always take the one that's at the top who's available.

Pick #40

With the 2nd rounder they got from the Chargers, and lots of the upper echelon of athletes remaining, the Dolphins select...OLB Koa Misi, a LB from Utah.

And once again I said "huh?" I had never heard of this guy, either.

Scott Wright at said of him "Named 1st Team All-MWC in 2009 after earning 2nd Team honors the year before --- Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College, where he spent one season --- Father, Sione, played football for Hawaii --- A bit of a 'tweener who could project to either defensive end in a 4-3 or outside linebacker in a 3-4 at the next level --- Saw action at both end and tackle in college and was also used standing up at times --- Missed some time with a back injury in 2009 --- Didn't rack up eye-popping statistics or necessarily make a lot of game-changing plays but is a very intriguing prospect due to his impressive physical tools --- Classic Workout Warrior who will likely be selected earlier than he should be by some team that becomes infatuated with his potential."

I guess Miami was infatuated with him....right?

So, will he play LB? End? Maybe tackle? I have no earthly clue.

I suppose this guy could, maybe, possibly, be the replacement for JT. Or not.

The "big" news

Its that Tim Tebow went in the first round, and was the second QB taken.

I found it interesting that Denver took him, because he wears
#15...and that would explain why they traded Brandon Marshall to
Miami. I mean, they had to free up that number so Tebow could wear

Thanks Tim for helping out the Phins!

And with pick #28

Miami drafts Penn State's Jared Odrick, a defensive lineman who may be used at tackle or end.

So see? They went out and got a replacement for JT. And its pretty much who everyone thought they would take.

Okay, so neither of these is true. Odrick is not a pass rusher. And he wasn't even on most people's radar for the Phins. C'mon, unless you're a Penn State fan or a draft geek, you never heard of this guy.

We do know that he's big and physical, won several honors, and actually GRADUATED from college (with a degree in sociology) last year. And for that, we give him loads of kudos.

In keeping with the tradition of drafting a family with the first-round pick, Odrick told reporters his name is pronounced "Ah-drick" and went on to say "My dad only learned how to say our last name right when he was 19.''

and at #12....the dolphins trade down

I half expected the Phins to trade down. And they didn't disappoint. When it came time for their pick, they gave up the spot to San Diego.

Whart they got in return was #28, San Diego's second round pick (Miami didn't have one; they gave it up for Marshall), they swapped fourth-round picks (Miami moves down), Miami gives up its 6th round pick, and Miami gets Tim Robbins from the Chargers.

Tim, of course, was in the movie "Bull Durham," which was about baseball. So, I'm not entirely sure how he helps the football team. But, that's the Parcells guys for you - always thinking outside the box.

Oh, wait, I've just been told that was a typo, and it was Tim Dobbins they acquired. He reportedly will come in to provide more depth at inside linebacker.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help wanted

Everyone - I'm looking for some input for my next podcast. I want to
do a draft recap, and get the perspective of the fans. If you are
planning on going to one of the draft parties - or maybe you're going
to have one of your own - I'm looking for an mp3 of your experience.
Be as creative as you want: tell me what's going on, what you thought,
or talk to a friend.

Anyone can apply, and if I like it, I'll use it!


More wankering

We decided to add another group to the Wanker hall of shame.

You can read all about it here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NYC Draft Meet Up

From Igor....

I probably should have sent this out a few days ago but DolfansNYC is
doing a meet up tonight to try to get tickets for the draft.

If any of the people on your forums are talking about going to the
draft it would be great if you could let them know about us.

We are meeting up tonight between 5-6 at Heartland Brewery which is
about a block away from Radio City Music Hall.
If nothing else it would be great if we could meet up with them
tomorrow before the draf and get a bigger group together.

Thanks guys!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The return of JL

JL has a new site up; I'll add it to my links page later:

Monday, April 19, 2010


Wire reports have Ronnie Brown headed to Detroit today....

The trade will be for the Lions' 2010 second round pick, and a
conditional pick in the 2011 draft.

We have it on good authority that Brown did indeed get on a plane to Detroit....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

new wanker in the hall of shame

In a ceremony, Cam Cameron was inducted into the wanker hall of shame yesterday.

You can read about it here:

found this while surfing

Case Study: Miami Dolphins Use of Social Networking
Posted by: admin in Case study, Conference, tags: Community, Customer,
Marketing, Media, Promotion, snc, Social Network, Sport, Strategy
Jim Rushton, Miami Dolphins

I had the opportunity to moderate the conference NFL session this
afternoon at the Social Networking Conference, where pioneers from the
Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks shared their experiences with
social media. Here are my notes from Jim Rushton's remarks.

The Miami Dolphins will be hosting Super Bowl XLIV next week, so it
was only appropriate for the Social Networking Conference to feature
NFL case studies. Here are Jim's insights on the Miami Dolphins'
strategy and tactics:
Miami Dolphins Social Networking Lessons Learned

* The Dolphins' social networking team focuses on fan experience
inside and outside of games. They perceive that they run several
businesses such as: stadium, ticket sales, concessions, and integrated
media (presumably he meant media rights, revenue). They want to use
social networking to create a stronger glue between different
* He brought up a great point that newspapers had uncertain
revenue models early in their history, so the team keeps in mind that
there are many unknowns, they are experimenting.
* They think about a social networking process with fans: gain
awareness and favor to earn transactions.
* Fans are far more difficult to reach because there are some many
more ways to communicate now, it's a splintered media ecosystem.
* They try to deploy their media assets to increase engagement.
* They perceive four "social circles of sports": the NFL > the
team > the fans > the person.
* They focus on three levels of engagement: the stadium, the
screen (home TV or computer) and radio/mobile.
* From a demographic perspective, Florida has many Boomers, who
have time and money, so the Dolphins try to engage them with the "NFL
Alumni" program; they are also building special sections of the
* They engage fans in several ways: bloggers get invited "behind
the curtain" to blog about the team and games in Web Weekend.
* Don't overlook "do good" initiatives; the Dolphins have the
"Touchdown for Life" blood drive.
* Two-way blog enables fans to comment and help "cover" games.
They also have ticket giveaways for people who participate in several
* Fan Cams lends flipcams to fans, so they can shoot the game, and
the best ones are featured alongside the Dolphins' content.

Final Shots

Jim's message was integrate your social activity with other marketing
and promotions. The Dolphins also have the right attitude. Jim closed
by saying, "Realize that failure is an option; if you are going to try
something new, accept the possibility."

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It will forever be Joe Robbie

Adam Richamn came to Miami for his Man Food show, a week before the
SuperBowl. He took on Don Shula's 48oz steak challenge - and won.

He had some amusing interplay with the Don before he took on the
challenge, but for me the best moment was when he came out wearing
this shirt....