Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More on free agency

The Dolphins did indeed sign Dansby. And I believe that he will be an
asset to the team, and likely will be an upgrade over Ayodele, and
should help Crowder to be the best he can be. But they signed him to
a 5-year deal, with $20+ million guaranteed - and there's still a
strong likelihood of there being no football in 2011. Given all of
that, this was a lot to spend on a 28-year-old Inside Linebacker.

Be that as it may...

The Dolphins haven't yet signed anyone else.

They brought in S Ryan Clarke who was "thrilled" and "wanted to play
in Miami" and "wasn't leaving without a contract." And he was
right....except the contract he signed was with Pittsburgh.

He was in the midst of his visit with Miami and just decided to take
out his cell and call his agent and ask him to finalize the deal with
the Steelers. And I was suddenly reminded of John Randall who punked
Spielman and Wannstedt - because he was just looking for the best
offer he could get from the Vikings. Clarke says that wasn't the case
here, just that he had to look out for his family. Dude, I don't care
if you sign with us or not. Just don't be disingenuous.

The Dolphins did re-sign Chad Pennington. This one is kind of
strange. He inked a 1-year deal to be the third-stringer for the
Phins. He's going to spend the early part of the this year rehabbing
and getting ready to resume his career....elsewhere. Except that he
has a clause which pays him more money if he gets traded, and even
more money if he is the starter in Miami. Nothing like having Henne
look over his shoulder.

So, as I look down the needs for Miami:
* wide receiver: status quo
* tight end: status quo
* OLB: lost Porter and Taylor, but haven't signed anyone
* ILB: swapped Ayodele for Dansby - this is an upgrade
* S: lost Gibril Wilson (which is improvement by subtraction)

That's a lot of holes still to fill....