Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Estefans

The article about the ownership group ponying up money for upgrades rankled someone.
Who?  One of these owners?  No.  The attorney representing the Estefans.  He wrote a letter to the editor lauding their good deeds in the community and essentially calling the author a hack.
What I find amusing is that they decided (or he on their behalf decided) that their best interest would be served by not commenting themselves, and letting an attorney handle it.
What have we become as a society?

Pro Bowl Practice

This morning, there was a practice that was free and open to the public.  Thanks to my friend, Curt at, I secured "VIP practice tickets"....way cool. 
I learned on Thursday that anyone who was a Dolphins season ticket holder was also a member of this prestigious VIP club of 50,000.  Less cool.
Undeterred, I went to the practice this morning, paid the $5 to park, and went in. There was a decent crowd - maybe 4,000 people in total - probably about half of whom were Dolphins ticket holders (or more likely had given their passes to their friends, because there were A LOT of other teams jerseys among those with the Dolphins credentials).  The remaining half were fans of other teams who heard about this somewhere, because it was not well advertised.
The practice was at Lockhart stadium in Fort Lauderdale, and is more intimate than the confines of [insert stadium name here] stadium.  I thought it had some potential.  There was a Dolphins fan fest, with a bounce house, and a few things to do for kids.  They had a wheel you could spin for $5 "everyone's a winner" of something....from a foam finger, to a player's used cleat, and everything in between.  (Yeah, I won a cleat!  Now what do I do with it?)
We wander in and find some seats, and there are cheerleaders performing, and a few mascots signing autographs.
At about 9, the NFC squad takes the field for "practice," which consists of them jogging a few offensive plays, working on the snap count on defense, and lining up on special teams.  One player came over and signed a few autographs, but otherwise, they all stayed in the middle of field.  No photos.  No autographs.  No interaction.
At a few minutes to 10, they left the field and the AFC came on.  Same deal, except no one came over at all. 
The cheerleaders were fairly interactive.  They posed for pictures, talked with fans, and even signed autographs.  The mascots were also still interacting.
Warren Sapp and Deion Sanders were both there for the NFL Network, but they both waved to fans and jogged off whenever anyone tried to get an autograph.  Chris Mortensen was signing autographs, and was fairly gracious.  And the Dolfan Bandits posed for pictures.  I guess when that's all you give the fans, that's what they take.
At a few minutes to 11, the AFC left.

And that was that.  It was over.
About the only cool thing was that the mic'd up the coaches so ocassionally you could hear them talking to players.  Not very often, mind you, but it was something.
A lot of fans said they enjoyed themselves, but I really don't see it or understand it.  It seemed like kind of a waste of time to me.  But then that's the pro bowl for you.  Its all kind of a waste.
I'm not annoyed, just generally disappointed, because this had so much potential.  But it was clear the players were only there to have fun with each other, and didn't care otherwise.  And that goes a long way to explaining the nearly 50% of the players were elected to the probowl who chose not to show up, but get paid anyway.
This is not about anything other than the money.

Pro bowl practice

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pro bowl

With all the defections from the "big" game, yeremiah bell and dan carpenter were added to the roster.

Sparano and staff

Much is being made about the Dolphins staff having the opportunity to coach in the Senior Bowl - they get more time together to understand how to work together (especially new coaches), and they get an opportunity to evaluate talent on the squad first hand.
I'm not sure the latter will help, but we'll see.

Mor-on J Peasy

Apparently, Joey went on a west coast radio show yesterday and espoused his view that he "wasn't used properly" last season, and was upset and doesn't think he'll be back with the Phins.
To which I have two responses: (a) why couldn't you say that to the local media that has been covering you for 3 years?, and (2) don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I loved this comment

Will Dolfan Grant commented on your note "Why don't the Miami Dolphins' owners pay for stadium upgrades?":

"Please text Stadium to donate $10 toward stadium upgrades. "

Why don't the Miami Dolphins' owners pay for stadium upgrades?

Emilio Estefan has just published an autobiography, The Rhythm of Success: How an Immigrant Produced his own American Dream.

``The next generation of immigrants needs to learn how we did it,'' he recently told a Miami Herald reporter. ``How much hard work there was for us at the time we came to this country.'' My advice is to skip directly to the chapter that explains how to go on welfare, which is what Emilio is doing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

J Peasy

There's info surfacing about Porter's suspension earlier this year.  You remember the "coaches decision."
Apparently, Joey didn't take too kindly to being taken off the field in some situations.  The coaches would send in a defensive call and a couple of subs, one of whom would be there to replace Porter.  The story goes that on "many" occassions, Joey sent that sub off the field and stayed out there.
That's insuborinate, and would be a reasonable explanation for a one-game suspension, and would also help to explain what happened with Pasqualoni.  Assuming Pasqualoni didn't deal with the situation in a way that Sparano liked (ie, Sparano didn't have to get involved)....
Ah who knows?  Its interesting though...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I think the Dolphins were pretty well validated based on the games and outcomes today.  They beat the Jets twice, and narrowly lost to the Colts; they had the Saints on the ropes....

And that leads me to this: I'm setting an expectation for next year based on what I saw.  I expect the Dolphins to HOST the AFC championship game next season.
Anything less would be a huge disappointment. 
You hear that coach Sparano?  Its time to make it happen!