Saturday, January 23, 2010

To be fair

(but why?)

According to the NY times the other 3 conference finalists also are selling champion gear - though we couldn't find them online.

When asked about the jets selling gear Rex Ryan said. “You can’t buy a four-extra-large T-shirt anyway, so I don’t care about that stuff."

At least he's a caricature.

Friday, January 22, 2010

That's presumptuous!

The Jets are already selling AFC Champeenship gear.
What is up with that?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Four of "Director of Fandemonium" Competition

It's down to the final four for and the NFL's "Director of Fandemonium" search.  Here are links to videos featuring each of the finalists:


Miami: Ralph:

Indianapolis: Nikki:

New Orleans: Kathy:

San Diego: Amanda:

Final 4:


More videos can be found here: and the official site to vote (you are entered to win a trip to the Super Bowl if you vote!) is and NFL Narrow Down the Field for the Next "Director of Fandemonium"


Fans to select next Director to win "dream job" with year-long access to the NFL



MAYNARD, Mass. – Jan 11,®, the leading global online career and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:  MWW), together with the National Football League (NFL) have named the finalists in their search for the next NFL Director of Fandemonium.  Fan voting from across the country has narrowed the field to six as the finalists campaign at for the season-long role in which the winner will take home a $100,000 "signing bonus" as well as take part in the behind-the-scenes action at several marquee NFL events during the 2010 season.  In addition, fans who vote will be eligible to win a trip to Super Bowl XLIV.

"We want passionate NFL fans to visit our site and find a career that they can be just as passionate about," said Ted Gilvar, executive vice president and chief global marketing officer, Monster.  "The Director of Fandemonium provides one fan the opportunity to get their 'dream job' and it creates a unique and fun way to showcase Monster."


"We're counting on the fans to decide which finalist can handle the pressure of passionately being the voice of all NFL fans across the globe," said Mark Waller, chief marketing officer of the NFL.  "We are pleased to work with Monster to give one lucky fan this incredible experience."


The six finalists are now vying for fan voting at and spent a week in New York City with NFL legends Jerome Bettis and Sterling Sharpe, and Hollywood's Scott Caan competing in challenges specifically designed to measure each finalist's NFL passion, motivation, and professional integrity, as part of an interview for the best job in sports.  The webisodes and video profiles of the finalists are available on where fans can vote for the next Director of Fandemonium.  One lucky fan will win a trip to Super Bowl XLIV just by voting for his or her favorite finalist.  Two finalists will be eliminated every week in January until the last two finalists remain.


The final head-to-head, "showdown" will take place during the 2010 Pro Bowl weekend in South Florida, after which the winner will be crowned by as the next Director of Fandemonium on February 7, 2010, during the CBS pregame show live at Super Bowl XLIV.


The current Department of Fandemonium finalists are:

- Green Bay, Aretina Trepczyk

- Indianapolis, Nikki Gott

- Miami, Ralph Lanier Jr.

- New Orleans, Kathy Scott

- Pittsburgh, Stephanie Galbraith

- San Diego, Amanda Cameron


The next Director of Fandemonium's duties will include:  

  • NFL Draft:  Announce a pick at the 2010 NFL Draft (April 2010)
  • NFL Kickoff:  Act as backstage talent wrangler at the 2010 NFL Kickoff concert (Sept. 2010)
  • International Series:  Participate in on-field introductions at a game in London (Oct. 2010)
  • NFL Thanksgiving:  On-field broadcast liaison for NFL Network's Thanksgiving Game (Nov. 2010)
  • Wild Card Game: Monitor player uniforms on-field before a 2010 Wild Card Game (Jan. 2011)
  • Pro Bowl: Select a play from the sidelines during the 2011 Pro Bowl (Jan./Feb. 2011)
  • Super Bowl: Join the coin toss ceremony at Super Bowl XLV (Feb. 2011)


Last year's winner and current Director of Fandemonium, Rainier "Onyx" Herrera is living the dream of every NFL fan, while preparing to be on the sidelines at the Pro Bowl and participate in the coin flip ceremony at Super Bowl XLIV.  Onyx's experiences are being updated on Facebook at and on Twitter at  He also writes a blog on where fans can interact and learn more about the Director of Fandemonium experience.


No purchase necessary.  This is a promotion only and not an offer of employment. For more information and the official rules of the promotion, please visit

About Monster Worldwide
Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW), parent company of Monster, the premier global online employment solution for more than a decade, strives to inspire people to improve their lives. With a local presence in key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, Monster works for everyone by connecting employers with quality job seekers at all levels and by providing personalized career advice to consumers globally. Through online media sites and services, Monster delivers vast, highly targeted audiences to advertisers. Monster Worldwide is a member of the S&P 500 index. To learn more about Monster's industry-leading products and services, visit More information about Monster Worldwide is available at



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Lauren Sammak




No way!

Our buddy Israel Gutierrez at the Herald was asking Fins fans to join him in rooting for the Jets because it validates the Dolphins if they get to the SuperBowl.
Ummmm.  How long have you been following the Fins?  That's possibly the most nonsensical thing I've ever heard.  In fact its laughable (insert diabolical laugh).
The facts is that Miami is *already* validated because the Jets made it this far.  Miami beat them twice, and that's good enough!
And having played the Colts to the very end - what was it?  the last play where Teddy Ginn (junior) missed the pass - surely shows they have the moxy to win against anyone.  There's still work to be done, but that's a good stepping stone.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I watched the announcement about Joe Robbie/Dolphin/Dolphins/Pro Player/Landshark stadium becoming SunLife Stadium (payments for this ad may be made to me directly, thanks!).
In a word, it was lame.
Okay a Canada bank, with US headqaurters in Boston gets naming rights on a Florida stadium.
A couple of amusing notes:
* The spokesman for the bank said they didn't take a bailout.  Of course not.  They are not a US bank.
* They were looking for the naming rights, and this was "a fit"....I presume that's only because they couldn't get something done in Boston.
* They were referred to the Dolphins by the Fenway group; for which Mike Dee used to work.  That's using your connections.
* Mike Dee gave them a Dolphins jersey and said they had to wear it around Boston.
* There was a lot of lame corporate speak, and presentation-type things that you often see in corporate america.  And a lot of phony-baloney "Miami has a great history, like that No Name Defense thing I heard about."  
* Its clear this is a business venture, and nothing more.
* The KC & The Sunshine Band connection (there's a silly commercial involving them and SunLife) was a prominent theme, and in keeping with the 70s sort of nostalgia (see my No Name Defense comment), KC performed at the stadium.  KC even said "lets go back to 1978!"  Yikes!
Anyway, there ya go. 

New defensive coordinator

The Dolphins scheduled a few interviews and talked with a few guys about the DC job.  And reporters were blathering on about how some didn't accept the overture to be interviewed, while others took other jobs.  Just what was Miami going to do?  Booo hooo.  If they don't get somebody now, they might have to forfeit 2010!
Then, out of nowhere Miek Nolan is hired as the DC; Miami stole him from Denver, effectively.
That seems like a good fit to me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

And relating it back to the Dolphins

Armando ran an article today that the Dolphins "need to drop the wildcat" and that they need to go high power, like the Saints.
Dude, you really don't have a clue, do you? 
As much as I hate to say it - look at the Jets.  They win by power rushing and are in the AFC champeenship.
And part ii, the fact that they have a rookie QB reminds us that Chad Henne is probably not Miami's answer at QB.  He's Jay Fiedler-esque and you can call him the "caretaker"....but he is not going to win you championships.

bizarro world, indeed

The Jets back into the playoffs by beating an Indy team that gave up the game, then beat a Cincy team that gave up the season.
Then they play Cincy in the playoffs and win...
Today, they went to San Diego and won again. 
How is that possible?
Sure they led the league in rushing and have a good defense.  But they have a horses ass for a head coach and a rookie QB...