Wednesday, December 01, 2010

why staying in your lane is important

On the opening kickoff, there was a kick return for a TD.  How did that happen?  At least in part, it was because players didn't stay in their lanes.

In the first image, you can get a sense of where each player was supposed to be, and there's Carpenter at the top.  At least two players had collapsed down and weren't covering their lanes; and were too close to their teammate.

A few moments later, you can see what happened.  Guys got bunched up, and particularly the guys in the dark circle are out of position - at least one of them is, anyway...if they had been covering their lanes, this might not have ended this way.

The fast receiver blew past a guy out of position and the bunches that were all blocked.  And now its off to the races.

This was corrected in subsequent returns.

Incidentally I noticed that the "benched" Vontae and Sean Smith were both out on the coverage team.  I have to assume that they haven't played special teams much and were among those out of position on the play...
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