Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well that's a pleasant surprise

I sat down to watch the game, and my expectations were set pretty low.  The Dolphins defense started off outstanding, while they're offense was, well, let's just say pathetic and leave it there.  A couple of quick turnovers, and Miami was in position to take a 10-0 lead.  Now there was an actual TD pass to Brandon Marshall which I thought was great, but that was about it.

And with the weather such as it was (rainy), 10 points was a pretty good lead.  I had said establishing and maintaining the run was going to be important, and was pretty sure that ball security was going to be key.  Then, things started to go south on the ball security side for the Phins.  There was turnover after turnover, and it sure looked like Miami was going to finally give away the lead.  But Mark Sanchez looked really bad out there, partly due to Miami's defense, and partly because he is what he is.  And the Jets could only manage 6 points.

So Miami hangs on to win 10-6, in spite of their best efforts to find a new way to lose.  I thought for sure the Jets would manage to win given that this is the Fins, after all.

What surprised me most was just how many dropped picks Miami had.  Sean Smith had at least 4 balls that hit him in the hands.  Davis, Dansby, Sapp, and others all dropped at least one.  Get one of those, and this may have been a very different day.

On the offensive side, the run game was reasonable, and there were holes that opened up.  But once again the playcalling was suspect.  Its 3rd and 3, and Miami goes shotgun and Henne mishandles the ball and ultimately turns it over.  Really, on 3rd and 3?  They did alright with the wildcat and had Ronnie throw a pass, but there was one sequence where they used it on a couple of downs and got called for a hold that negated its effectiveness. 

And Chad Henne was just plain bad.  He again couldn't find his receivers.  He forced throws, didn't look guys off, threw behind, and so on.  He had what should have been an intentional grounding (the ball didn't make it back to the line), and had one he threw when he crossed the line.  Now it was wet, so I'll let some of the transgressions pass (pun intended), but I still saw mechanical things I didn't like.  How about his 4th quarter 3rd and 4 decision where he took off running?  Sure he managed to force the Jets to burn a timeout, but it looked awkward, and he 'telegraphed' his decision to run by tucking the ball away and just taking off.  He never pumped, never made an effort to draw away the defenders.  So he was stopped for maybe a 1-yard gain.

But be that as it may.

The Dolphins beat the Jets.  That's always a good thing, especially against the self-proclaimed "superbowl champs"...I love seeing them look silly.
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