Monday, December 20, 2010

Wanker of the week!

Early on the game, I thought Chad Henne might take this award for the
umpteenth time. But his performance clearly wasn't the worst on the

No. That distinction belongs to one Dan Carpenter, who missed on all
4 field goals. Granted two of them were fairly long, but he wasn't
even close. And he can't blame the dirt infield, as Mare used to.
There was a very light wind blowing, so that's no excuse, either.

It used to be - back in the day - that NFL teams considered kickers as
pariahs of sorts. They were just a guy on the roster who filled a
role. They weren't a "football player"....Stories were always around
about these "foreigners" who didn't speak the language telling
reporters that they "keeck a touchdown" or something. And other
players would insult them regularly, like Csonka once telling
Yepremian "if you miss this kick, I'm gonna kill you!"

But that's changed, and now they're mostly treated like anyone else.
And in the Dolphins case, they have come to rely on Carpenter as "an
offensive threat" (he's either at or near the top in total scoring).
And that's probably a bad thing. Because *every* kicker has an off
day, and when you rely on the guy week in and week out, eventually
he'll have that off day.

4 misses. What a wanker.

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