Monday, December 06, 2010

Wanker of the week

As I've said in the past, Chad Henne is nothing more than a career backup.  Once again, he watched every receiver.  He was having trouble at times making reads.  He had three passes deflected at the line, and on each passing play the Browns got their hands up as though they assumed they could knock some balls down.  He threw three picks (one off a deflection).  And he overthrew and underthrew receivers repeatedly. 

At one point, he had Hartline streaking down the sideline; Brian had beaten his guy by 7 yards.  Henne threw the ball about 10 yards too short, so all the db had to do was turn around and raise his hands to make the pick.  Hartline had to run to catch him.  He gave Henne and earful, and somewhat surprisingly Brian was taken out of the game.

What bugs me is that Saturday night, when we heard Sparano talk, he was telling us how Henne is motivated to get it done.

Here's my problem: in the first year Sparano was here, he'd pretty much cut a guy a week who was underperforming.  Sometimes they were starters.  Players used to remark on you never know who would be gone on any week.  Last year, it was less often, but if you underperformed, you were gone.  This year, he's cut a few players who screwed up - like the guy who allowed a punt and kick block in a game.

So why won't he cut Henne?  Chad has now cost them at least 3 games with his play.  Its not time for him to be benched.  Its time for him to clear out his locker.  Let Thigpen have a go, and sign Ramsey or some other guy to be his backup.  I don't usually boo at games, but at least this time, I appreciated the booing that Henne received.
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