Monday, December 20, 2010


How is it that Miami is 1-6 at home?

How is it that they don't seem inspired?

How is it that they have two very good running backs, two very good
receivers, a tight end who is playing very well, and a defense that
ranks #5 - and yet the team gets beat by scores like 17-14?

Its a couple of things. First is obviously the QB play. It stinks.

Second is the offensive philosophy. They have some terrible
playcalling, and some plays that are run far short of "the
sticks"....take for instance a play where it was 3rd and 8, and the
patterns are all 6 yards. What's up with that? While I like the
wildcat, its use is sporadic and does seem to impact the flow of the

Third is a lack of sense of urgency. How can you have so little time
left in the game and be noncalantly walking to the line? We see it
week in and week out, and it really does suck. You want to see them
actually have a fire when they play. They don't.

Fourth is my grandmother factor. This team can't beat my grandmother.
And they should be able to - she's been retired for a number of years

And finally is coaching. Clearly this team has talent. Sparano is a
heck of a guy, and I think he *can* coach. But with the exception of
Mike Nolan, his assistants are all terrible. Dan Henning should hang
it up now. He already cashiered the special teams guy. Where is the
QB coach? Why isn't he coaching up Henne? There is some talent on
the O-line, but the coach can't get the most out of them.

So, in short, I think the solution here is to fire the bulk of the
assistants and give Sparano one more go of it. Assuming of course
he's willing to part with Henne. If not, then Sparano goes, too.

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