Monday, December 20, 2010

QBs that are better than Chad Henne

As I watched the "action" unfold, I started thinking about all the QBs
in the NFL who are better that Henne; and who I'd rather have playing

The list is long, and I didn't include the obvious choices:

* Ryan Fitzpatrick - shoot, this guy has been good at all of his
stops, and he's got an Ivy League education.

* Matt Flynn - okay he's young an inexperienced, and ultimately he was
a liability in the loss the Pats, but he's got talent.

* Colt McCoy - having a solid season for the Browns

* Sam Bradford - another rookie having a very good year

* Michael Vick - he was available to any team an off-season ago...

* Tim Tebow - a rookie who made his first start and has a huge upside

* Rex Grossman - resurrects his career in Washington

* Drew Stanton in Detroit is good in relief

* Casey Clausen - a rookie having a good year

* Who is Jack Skelton? A player who is having better success than Chad Henne.

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