Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our QB sit-chi-ashun

Friend-of-the-blog John wondered why the Fins didn't just go out and get Donovan McNabb now that he's been benched in Washington.  His comment was along the lines of 'at least he'd be a reasonable stopgap while we get a long term answer in here, and we can evaluate him over the next few weeks...'

And I applaud the sentiment, and that is the kind of thinking that Parcells, and now Ireland seem to lack.

The problem, of course, is that McNabb is essentially unavailable because the Redskins simply benched him, and didn't release him.  And the trade deadline is in October, meaning that you can never make a trade with three weeks left to go.

And that is one of those things that really bugs me: trade deadlines are kind of dumb. They served a purpose, once, as it prevented teams from colluding and stocking a playoff-bound team with talent, or dumping salary.  It also was designed to ensure there was a level playing field in terms of talent. But with this all-media world, there can't be "secrets" and putting a some rules around it - say a point system that is based on draft slots or player salary that would ensure that you can't simply dump salary and get value in return - the NFL could allow for trades to happen later.

Anyway, the Dolphins have a conundrum, and are stuck with Henne and Thigpen for the next three games.  Let's hear it "Thig-pen!"

BTW, did anyone notice that John Beck is being promoted to the #2 slot in Washington??
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Dave, you need to mention that it does not matter if the Fins make the playoffs. Without a decent QB they are going nowhere. So keeping Henne in to make the playoffs is pointless.


Craig - right on the money! The worst thing that happened to this team was staying "in the playoff picture" because Sparano lives by the same mantra as all coaches that "in that case, I'll go with the guy who gives me the best opportunity to win"

When you are like the Redskins, and are already eliminated, you're more willing to pull the trigger on what the pundits would call a trivial move.