Monday, December 13, 2010

Nolan Carroll

Nolan was having a decent day. He had a pick early, and had some decent kick returns.  He was also out there covering on punts.  And unlike Reshad Jones who was flagged for not coming back in bounds on a punt, hdoing alright out there.
Then came your basic WTF? moment, as he was headed down the sidline and some jackass stuck his leg out to trip him.  Who was this guy?  Who knows and who cares?   Its probably Rex's son or some other pompous pinhead who thinks he's better than anyone else...I could see him saying something like "hyuck hyuck, did you see the way I knocked that guy down.  funny, right?"
Carroll got injured. 
Dude deserves banishment from the NFL, and the Jets should also be fined for interfering with play.
But you do have to love the unravelling of the Jets, don't you?
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