Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lombardi: the play

I find the Stephen Ross' decision to take his charges to see Lombardi unusual and somewhat funny

First off, its amusing that he would take a bunch of football players to see a Broadway play, no matter if it is about football.

Next, do you have any idea how much planning is involved here?  He would literally have had to start planning for this back as the season started: you can't simply take up 1/3 to 1/2 of the seats in a theater for your team arbitrarily.  You have to make the arrangements well in advance (ever try going to see a show on Broadway?  You *have* to plan!).

And of course, I am thoroughly amused that he "meddled" and instructed the team to change their travel schedule.  He has them coming on Friday and working out at the Giants facility then going to the play.

I can only imagine that Parcells considered this type of meddling when he left the job. And you have to figure that Vince is rolling over in his grave.  A play?  About me?  And a team is going to see it?

Now will it have an effect - positive or negative?  Probably not, its just another blip.
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