Monday, December 13, 2010

Fwd: SportsNation Would Fire Jets Alosi For Tripping

I received this today. Seems to me that Cowherd is being thickheaded. The jets guy did damage the game and an example needs to be made of him. 

81 percent of SportsNation viewers think that Jets assistant Sal Alosi tripping the Dolphins Nolan Carroll was a fire-able offense.


SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd disagrees, "I think you can suspend him but in this economy I don't think you fire coaches for making one knucklehead decision."


However, co-host Michelle Beadle agrees with viewers, "This could have been a lot worse. This could have resulted in a career ending injury. You don't want the representation of the Jets organization to be this."


Here are the results of today's other polls.


·         69% of SportsNation think the Metrodome collapsing was a bigger snow story than the Patriots dominating the Bears

·         21% of SportsNation is bothered that Tashard Choice asked Michael Vick for his autograph after the game

·         64% of SportsNation would have ignored DeSean Jackson's touchdown celebration if they were the Cowboys

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