Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A couple of random thoughts

  • Looks like John Gruden may wind up in Miami after all.  The University of Miami is heavily pursuing him as their next coach. We still don't know what will happen with Sparano, only that Mr. Ross has to evaluate what's best for his team, and that *he* had a man crush on Gruden.
  • Sports Illustrated named Drew Brees its Sportsman of the Year.  Let's see, which team was it that didn't take a chance on Brees?  Twice.
  • The Dolphins activated the miraculously healed Philip Merling yesterday.  I'm still wondering about this make room for him they cut QB Patrick Ramsey whose Dolphin career hilight was standing next to Tyler Thigpen on the sideline.  Quick - does anyone know what he looks like or what number he was wearing for the Phins? Oh, and that means the Phins will only carry 2 QBs for now.
  • Vontae and Sean Smith lost their starting roles and were fined for the very serious infraction of ... being late to a team meeting.  Shoot if they did that at the company I work for, everyone would be perennially suspended.
  • Bill Parcells is already bored and is looking for an offer.  His preference is a return to broadcast TV, though he is also putting out feelers to join another team in an executive role...lets see he's 3 years into a 4 year contract, wouldn't it be something if some other sucker of a team hired him and he was still being paid as a Dolphins "consultant" while working for another team? (in that case, maybe the Dolphins are the suckers)....and by the way Bill, I'm looking for a new director or gardening operations at my house if you're bored.  It doesn't pay much, but its not like you need the money.

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