Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A couple of notes

  • Dave Wannstedt was forced out/stepped down as the coach at Pitt after what were termed "mediocre seasons"....hey, isn't that what he had here?  And when did college football become all about winning anyway?  Dave's a good person, and kids want to play for him.  The program was fine, and you didn't hear about troubles.  So out he goes to get a coach that can win.  I hear Nick Saban may be looking for a job again (he's been in this one a couple of years, and what have you done for them lately?)
  • Al Harris was placed on IR.  He was here for three games, made like $875k and I think just had a couple of tackles.  Uhhh, Jeff I'm available to play in 1 game for 1/3 of that amount if you need me!
  • Brian Hartline left the game on Sunday in a not particularly suspicious way (as I had assumed).  He has a finger injury that may sideline him for the season
  • Vernon Carey's knee may force him to miss some playing time; we'll see.
  • BTW, one-time Dolphin WR Patrick Turner proved he still loves the phins.  He is playing with the Jets and in practice last week, he got tangled with db Jim Leonard and Leonard suffered a freak injury that caused their defensive catalyst to be lost for the season.
  • My comment about Chad Henne was met with some cheers and some boos.  To follow up on the question of "well, if you're so smart what do we do at QB?" I answer that they should go ahead and start Thigpen, and sign the best available free agent.  Now that may be Jamarcus Russell, or someone else, I don't know.  And in that case, you're basically giving him 4 games to prove his worth.  Then, in the offseason you get a good QB in free agency, or sign one or two free agent QBs who are lesser guys and let them battle it out.  And most importantly, you draft a QB in April.  Its time to stop cut baiting and fish! (or some other ridiculous metaphor)
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