Sunday, December 26, 2010


Near the end of the half, Henne threw a pass toward the goal line. Bess caught the ball and scored. I saw the ball pop out, and thought maybe he didn't come down with the ball and carry it through...

And there was a booth review.

The dunderhead announcers were going on about the review and how they were likely looking at whether Bess stepped out, because it appeared he did before making the catch.

Only they forgot something important: if Bess stepped out, he can't be the first person to touch the ball. But since the ball was CLEARLY tipped, that was irrelevant.

Now the officials may have been looking at that as well, but the announcers forgot about the rule and were sure it would be overturned. Read the rulebook guys. He can't be the *first* to touch it, but he can certainly make the catch.
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