Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Chad Henne

There have been several articles written by local media members, and published in local papers over the last few days about Chad Henne.  Most are calls for calm - they repeat the same thing Sparano has said "give him more time."

I say that's crap.  Henne needs to be shown the door.

In one article, the venerable Edwin Pope talks about how it used to be that QBs got more time, like 5-6 years before they were judged.  To that I say, where is your supporting evidence?

All of the best QBs in history (and those of recent times) have started games in their first year, or shortly thereafter, and immediately showed their worth.  The few exceptions were on the bench behind proven stars.  That's fact.  I can not think of a time in history where we judged a QB 5 out.  And realistically, in the current world of "instant gratification" we want results now - if Henne showed flashes of being great, I'd be all for sticking with him.

He hasn't shown me jack.  He had a "good" game against the Raiders, but that was more a tribute to the Raiders poor play than his effort.  Sorry, that one game doesn't sell me.  Yes, I know the OC hasn't been doing him any favors.  But, he has a very good running game, a top-flight receiver, and a good possession guy and a tight end who could make plays.  What more does he need to have success?  What will time buy him, or us?

Pul-ease.  I've seen enough.

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