Friday, November 19, 2010

Wanker of the week (#2)

I've wanted to see what Tyler Thigpen had since the Dolphins traded for him last season.  Sure, he had a few plays here and there.  But now he was starting.  Would he be any good?

And unfortunately the answer was a resounding NO!  Now that doesn't mean that the guy could still be good, but on this day he was downright bad.  Heck, my grandmother could have played better than him.  With one arm tied behind her back.

Joe Theismann called him out time and again as making mistake after mistake and really hurting his team with his play.  He threw the ball poorly, made bad reads, and should have thrown it away a few times. 

I was underwhelmed, and for a guy finally getting a shot, he sure didn't take advantage of it.
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