Monday, November 15, 2010

Top secret!!!

I don't understand it, but the Dolphins think everything is a big secret. They feel they can't tell us anything because they want to "maintain a competitive advantage" or something like that.

Yesterday, Chad Pennington got hurt. His season, and his career, are over. Everyone knows it, and anyone who saw him around town today has been told that by him. He isn't afraid to admit it. And yet, the Dolphins haven't said boo.

Chad Henne suffered an injury, and is out for some period of time. Had an MRI done this morning. And we don't know if he'll play this week or is lost for the season. They're not going to tell us, except through an injury report that has to be filed by tomorrow. I bet they list him as doubtful and don't expand on it.

Meanwhile, they worked out a couple of QBs today, including Patrick Ramsey (as we hear it). But the Fins (naturally) haven't mentioned it. We have heard they signed someone, but we don't know who that is [edit: published reports say its Ramsey, but there has been no announcement from the fins]. They also contacted several other QBs, to have them in for workouts next week. And that would signal - what, exactly? They're not sure what will happen next?

Cameron Wake and Jake Long both left the game and had MRIs done today. No word on their status, but according to a source, its unlikely either will play on Thursday.

Why so freakin' secretive?
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