Saturday, November 06, 2010

That was awkward...

I had recorded NFL Primetime from Monday, and finally got around to watching it last night.

I generally like it, as they look back at all the NFL games.  But this week was kind of weird.  They spent *a lot* of time talking about Randy Moss (including Teddy Bruschi being an apologist for the Patriots) that lasted something like 12 minutes.  Then, they did hilights of the Patriots-Vikings game for like 5 minutes, and about 15 minutes on the Colts-Texans (essentially snooze-fest).  They covered off the Cowboys and their troubles, the Redskins (okay McNabb), the Sunday night game, and they were at a point where they had 10 minutes left to cover the rest of them.

They hilighted a few games, but left off about 4 of them, including the Dolphins game.

I have to ask: was the release of one player bigger news than 4 entire games?  Sure some of them weren't spectacular, but at the point the show aired, he hadn't even been technically released.  And couldn't they have cut something from the Colts-Texans hilights that was really nothing more than self-promotion?

Weird, I'd say...
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I stopped watching ESPN a long time ago. There is no analysis there, only hype and those reacting to hype.