Sunday, November 28, 2010

The sad state of Miami sports

The Heat created the "dream team" and yet they have a worse record than last year.

The Marlins have been perennially bad since the won the world series 7 years ago, and are (once again) purging their payroll.

The Panthers have been out of the playoffs for a decade (in a sport where *everyone* makes the playoffs) and lost all three home games they played this week.

The Hurricanes just finished another "meh" season with way too many losses, and fired their coach last night.

And the Dolphins are no better than average, and are basically forgettable.  Could a mediocre end-to-the-season cause them to replace the coach this season?  We don't know.

But I have to assume so.  As we hear it, Stephen Ross has expressed an "interest" in John Gruden.  He likes the coaches style and approach to the game and might like to have him coaching here.

What a sad state of affairs for a city that has enjoyed a fair amount of success with its sports teams.
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Oh, god no, not Gruden...