Thursday, November 18, 2010


It seems like twice a year, I write the following sentence: the performance by the Dolphins today was pathetic.  They really sucked.

The Dolphins had a chance - a "real shot to be something special" to borrow a phrase from Jim-muh - to stand out.  They had played well in previous weeks, and were at home.  Sure, the injury bug was hurting them, but they have a good defense, and they have Brandon Marshall, Ricky, Ronnie, and have some potential at QB.

But they only ran 13 times in the game.  Thirteen!  Thigpen struggled mightily, and they gave him no help from the run game.  Brandon Marshall was no use, either.  Even before he got injured.

And the defense could not get off the field.  Sure, they made Chicago punt 4 times, but that wasn't nearly enough and time after time they let the Bears "off the hook" with conversions on 3rd and long.

In fact, it was so lame overall that I did something that I almost never do: I fell asleep during the game.  Heck, it wasn't really pathetic.  It was coma inducing.

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