Sunday, November 07, 2010

Other sports in South Florida

The Marlins told us that they would build a better team as soon as they got a stadium.  And, as you might expect, the first thing they did was to cut their payroll and promote a bunch of young guys.  Among the players they released was Cody Ross, who went on to be the NLCS MVP, and a big-time performer in the World Series.  He was understandably happy to be left to a good team.  And then there was a little matter of the city of Miami mayor having a recall action started - and the Marlins donated $50k to his defense.  He was instrumental in getting them a stadium...

The Heat claimed to have sold out EVERY ticket in the arena for every home game, and fired all of their ticket staff.  Then it turned out there were a small number of tickets available on gameday up in the rafters.  So, they're not all sold?  Then, yesterday, the Miami Herald had an article about how ticket sales are slow for the Heat, and there are many, many tickets available to games, and many have gone unused on gameday; and some will sell for as little as $10 for small-market games in the future.

Wow, talk about being lied to...

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