Thursday, November 11, 2010


Philip Merling wasn't as badly injured as anyone thought.  Wait.  He tore is ACL, right?  That's a condition that requires an entire year to rehab from - and its been 3 months.  Now they are considering bringing him back to the active roster.  So either (a) the medical staff is incompetent (thoughts on that one OJ McDuffie?), (b) we were lied to, or (c) this was some hair-brained scheme to avoid the public spectre of a suspension in his domestic dispute case.

And speaking of McDuffie, a judge threw out the damage award, on a technicality, and the trial begins anew.  We hear OJ is not excited but was previously "because its finally over."

And as for fines and suspensions, the league reviewed the alleged spitting incident, and decided not to fine LeRon McClain.  So, Karlos, you need to find him in a dark alley.  Or maybe if somehow you matchup against the Ravens in the playoffs you can settle this ON THE FIELD.
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I believe it was his Achilles?


Good call, the report says achillies. That, too, takes a year to return from