Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Marlins comment

The Marlins made a pledge that basically said "if you build us a stadium, we will build a team, and open the payroll."

And then immediately upon approval started purging the payroll.  In particular, they traded a third baseman (Jorge Cantu) to the Texas Rangers, and he contributed in the world series race; and they dumped Cody Ross who went on to be the NLCS MVP, and really helped his team (the Giants) win the series.  And yesterday they dumped arguably their best player in Dan Uggla.  And lest we forget, they fired their manager in mid-season. It goes to show you that you can't trust owners.  Money always comes first. 

The NFL would do well to keep that in mind as they continue CBA discussions.

Also, as it happens the stadium is progressing along, and it appears that it is on-time, which is unexpected.  One reason that its on time?  Apparently the Marlins are VERY involved in day-to-day construction, and push everyone on the job to stay on pace.  In a way, that's good because its a government job and delays seemed inevitable, and ultimately it means that they'll leave Dolphins stadium as promised.  But come on. 

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