Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Dolphins had announced a press conference to talk about the health of the team.  But they abruptly cancelled it. 

Tony Sparano appeared on the Finsiders (a Dolphins-run broadcast) at around 8, and was a little sketchy on some of the injuries.  He said Pennington was "done" but didn't say he went on IR - we got that from the NFL.  He said they signed Ramsey, but didn't mention the guy they signed to the practice squad.  And he said Henne was "day-to-day" and hoped he might be ready to play against Chicago - which pretty much everyone knows isn't accurate.  The guy will miss this game, and probably at least one more.

He didn't address any of the other injuries, though he did say Jake Long had a shoulder injury and might not play.

Most of Long's information came from a different source; he has an injured labrum (some of the cartilidege in the shoulder).  He can play with a brace, and may.  It might heal enough to not bother him in a few weeks, but he probably will need surgery at some point.

So we learned about what's going on from a combination of sources - but of course no one could ask followups to the coach.
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