Friday, November 19, 2010

IMHO: the play of the day

We're early in the game. The Bears are backed up to their own endzone. Its second down, and Jay Cutler sprints backward 10 yards into his own endzone.

Clearly he is in the endzone, and clearly he is between the tackles.

He is under pressure, and releases the ball. But, (a) there's no one near where he throws the ball, and (b) the ball does not make it to the line of scrimmage (the black line).

And the result *should have been* a safety, since the intentional grounding occurred in his own endzone.

Most of the Mimai defemders were aware of it, but not the officials.

In this case, the lack of a call did have an impact on the game. Can you imagine if Miami had gone up 2-0 early and had gotten the ball back? It might have (maybe) been different. At least we know they wouldn't have been shut out!
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